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  1. Is this WOCS class only for Active Duty? Or everyone?
  2. Im assuming many of you have families. Did the Army move your family after Basic or after WOCS? I keep finding conflicting information. We even asked the online Army Recruiting and they didn't know much about WOFT. I have looked all over the forum and have not found a response. Please help. thanks
  3. I should clarify my question: Does your family move with you after Basic Training or do you wait until after WOCS?
  4. Where do you live while at WOCS? Do you stay in the barracks?
  5. Might be an odd question: Does anyone know how long it takes from the time you start basic until you are settled into Fort Rucker?
  6. When my husband did his flight physical it was at Fort Polk. Would he renew at Rucker instead?
  7. Does anyone know where we can find the number to call at Fort Polk? We can't find it. And apparently the recruiter keeps leaving voicemails and hasn't gotten a response in a week.
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