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  1. Hey, didn't I read somewhere that the SFAR 73 on the Robinson 22 and 44 are about to expire in March 2008 and that the SFAR 73 might only be extended on the 22 ?
  2. Goldy, I should have said that I do not have any flight hours in helicopters, I am interested in flying but at this time I am only reading articles, books, forums,etc . I guess my question seems rather basic but since I have never been in a helicopter every thing is foreign to me. The book that I am reading is the Canadian Helicopter flight training maneuvers manual that I found on the internet. The paragraph is the last paragraph on Exercise Three --Effects of Controls under "Tail Rotor Pedals". http://www.tc.gc.ca/civilaviation/general/...TP9982/menu.htm
  3. To clarify the question, why would moving the cyclic left or right cause the helicopter to yaw, I thought helicopters do not have adverse yaw as airplanes.
  4. Hi folks, I am reading this book about helicopter flying and I came across a statement that I do not understanding, will someone please clarify this for me. "In fact, any change in collective or cyclic position will require you to adjust the pedals in order to maintain co-ordinated flight." I understand that moving the collective changes the torque that has to be compensated for, up collective, left pedal; down collective, right pedal assuming a counter-rotating rotor. What I do not know or understand is how the cyclic is affecting torque that you need to use the pedals, besides the fact
  5. Hi, does anyone knows the make and model of the helicopter in the Scottrade commercial, it looks like a sweet bird.
  6. After all the talk about the good flying characteristics of the Enstrom 280FX I did an internet search to see the helicopter; all I can say is she has a good personality but she's UGLY
  7. Hi guys and gals I am a helicopter pilot wannabe and I was just browsing the posts to gain information and learn a thing or two and I saw this post and I saw something that might pertain to this on Youtube, it is about a 180 autorotate with commentary. Hope this helps. Youtube Video
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