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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tFG-uk3WcE 7 versions being tested. I like number 7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI5rH8bS5cE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyRpZILjT2w
  2. TXSoccerRef, How is David doing? I have not flown or talked to him in several years. I use to work with one of his cousins and she introduced us.
  3. Will be at Tyler Pounds Field Oct 22 9am-3pm. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.tylertexas.com/events/details/rose-city-rotor-fest-10-22-2016-8098&ved=0ahUKEwiszezej-3PAhVHOyYKHU0HBPMQFggeMAE&usg=AFQjCNGsCFjQRzOFD_THXTKliN8KHSapaA
  4. Helicopter Services got out of the flight training market. I don't know it Anythings Possible Aviation is still doing it or not, over at Weiser Field.
  5. Looks like Precision in OR, Midwest Helicopter Academy in IL and Texas Rotorwing Academy in Beaumont TX are the first to operate the Cabri G2 here in the states... Enstrom is developing the TH180 and Robinson has stripped out a Raven I for training dubbed the Cadet, a 2 seat 44 airframe.. If the economy IE oil industry ever picks up might get interesting... Wished I had taken bets on that bird coming across the pond, I just had a feeling about this bird. Price per hour is between that of a 300c and R44. http://www.robinsonheli.com/media/pressrelease/robinson_introduces_r44_cadet.pdf http://www.enstromhelicopter.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/TH180SinglePg2only.png
  6. http://www.iberianet.com/news/slcc-plan-takes-off/article_7e5939e2-c05a-11e5-b0bd-fbbcac16dea1.html Thought this might be some assistance for some. Hoping to return to the air soon........ Regards
  7. Ironranger, I agree with you! We had a pretty good visit at Expo 10'. I really miss the VR chat feature and chattin with Drew.
  8. Sorry for you loss Sarah. I have been off VR for awhile due to lots of family issues. I got to hang out with Andrew at Heli Expo 10' in Houston for a short while. I really hate to hear this. Regards, Brad
  9. Me too Goldy. Been a few years since Heli Expo Houston. Hope you have been doing fine.
  10. Anyone looking to start training, I have listed a few training supplies in the Classifieds here on VR. I am getting out of the helicopter world for now. Good luck everyone! It has been a long fun ride, since 97' for me.. Just could not get "Life" outta the way.
  11. silvrado17, Good info. I am glad the VA Ed site has some clear info on it now. A few years back it was horrible....Very hard to find info on flight training and seemed to be a lot of different interpretations of it.
  12. I believe Rogue is correct. The last I time reviewed all the VA Chap 30 GI Bill reg's, been awhile back though, only part 141 schools with a "APPROVED" program. Approved program means that the VA has reviewed each of the schools program/programs offered to Vets and they "VA" has signed off on each program and to include to the minimum amount of flight and ground school hours in each course. A part 141 syllabus by itself does not qualify for VA approval. The VA can add more to it if they like to meet "THEIR" requirements, i.e.. MUST HAVE A PRIVATE LICENSE" prior to enrolling in a Commercial Course. I realize that the younger guys are going to be Chap 33 only. I am a Chap 30 only guy.. If you do a search, esp with my name, you should find some links for Chap 30 VA manuals. Course like everything else the "Gov" may have changed the websites or locations of the manuals. Book G was a manual that had some good info in it. Onecle, Title 38 Vet Bene's, just a quick search turned this up. The terminology "was" Vocational Flight Training, like at a private flight school and Degree'd Program. They paid out different rates on those as well just like Chap 33 is doing it seems.
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