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  1. Anyone have experience with living in an RV during flight school? As a single guy, it seems like a good idea, and I hear there are lots of trailer parks to choose from with short commutes. Are there any cons I'm not seeing? Aside from the fact that you're living in a trailer?
  2. I heard the only way to cash in on white male privilege, was to announce it to everyone you came in contact with
  3. Thanks for the tips Mike. I forgot to ask explicitly, but I guess I was wondering about the possibility of switching from WO to CO at some point in my (potential) career. I've been stalking this forum for a while and I haven't found anything about WO's switching to commissioned. Anyone else informed on this? I've only found CO's going Warrant. Maybe that says it all! And thanks to all for the quick responses, they really do help. It especially helps from guys like METT-TC, who have experienced both sides. Weighing everything together, I think the WO route suits my personality more. At first,
  4. 25 year old, single white male here. I'm expecting to be accepted into WOFT (street to seat) in a few weeks, and I'm wondering if I should have tried to go the commissioned officer route instead. I understand it's about an 8 year commitment if you include flight school, so I guess I better be darn sure before I sign papers. Background: 2 months ago, I started my WOFT packet after hearing how incredible it is. The main selling points for me were: 1. Serve your country 2. Guaranteed slot as a pilot, before enlisting 3. Warrant Officers got more flight hours, and put up with less bureauc
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