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  1. Yes you can go the street to seat route. You will have better odds you just need a dd368 from AF HR removing you from IRR.
  2. Do not sign anything until you are notified you have been selected! Your MOS will be 09W for Warrant Officer Candidate! You shouldn't have a problem when you get here. As long as you try and have a good attitude WOCS will go smooth for you.
  3. My Reservation is exactly the same. I assume we will in process then send us off from the 24th-2nd. I have thought about moving my wife prior to WOCS but was told there will be plenty of time after to do that.
  4. Hey Guys, SPC Serendensky here, anyone else in this forum registered for the January course? I am really wondering how the whole switch from 7 weeks to 5 weeks will play out. I am scheduled to report to meps on DEC 18th to transfer from the reserve component to active duty and ship off to reception. Seems like a super long wait since class is supposed to start according to my reservation on 3 Jan not including the change from 5 to 7 weeks. Did anyone else that came from either another component or street to seat receive PCS orders? It looks like my reservation is classified as a AIT status. If not I wonder if there will be adequate time to move my wife to Rucker post Graduation??? Also, If any recent grads would like to share some tips on expectations and prep that would be appreciated. Have been super anxious since selection.
  5. Awesome! I look forward to seeing you there! It's been over a year now and I cannot wait to finally become a Warrant!!!!!!
  6. I am really not sure to be honest. I assume they will give me that info When I get there because according to ATTRS I am still scheduled for 7 weeks.
  7. I am scheduled for the JAN 3 Class not sure if that is 19-02 or 19-03. When I called the school house about some other things I was told by the 1SG that even though it says it's 7 weeks in ATTRS, they are conducting a 5 week course. How they will adjust I have no idea. I am just happy have been selected. Anyone have any insight on the Land Nav? Is it basic? Why are people failing?
  8. I tried to contact the Warrant Officer Accessions Manager to try and get a sooner class date. That is a no go. It seems the 7 week course is all filled up. OH WELL, I will have to wait until December I suppose.
  9. I guess technically since I went through a recruiter but I was considered prior service since I was in the Army Reserve. WBU?
  10. It's my understanding that you do not need to resubmit as you automatically will be considered on the next board. I believe all you have to do is send in your updates to the long FT KNOX updates email. Maybe someone in recruiting can advise?
  11. Ship date 18 Dec, Wocs start 3 Jan. Anyone else?
  12. Hello, I am a current reservist who just got selected for Warrant Officer Flight Training going into regular Army. I know someone else has a thread called 64 Vs 60's. But I would like to know a bit more about the other air frames as well. I would honestly not mind flying any of them but if i am lucky enough to get a choice I want to be well informed. A lot of you said to choose the mission and not the air frame but maybe those of you in the field can elaborate on some details of what the mission actually is. I appreciate your time and response and hope to work with you very shortly! - Peter
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