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  1. I'm waiting until the 11th to send everything in, is that a bad idea?
  2. Yeah until the milper comes out in July
  3. I'm pretty nervous, but I feel confident about my packet. I know that wait until July is going to be the worse.
  4. Get the physical started as soon as your done testing for SIFT. Physical is going to be take forever to get back.
  5. So I got a call today and apparently my flight physical was incomplete? Rucker stamped it GTG but my doc said I need to come back in to resubmit it. I have a meeting with him the 17th to go over what exactly he is talking about but with how long it is taking to get flight physicals back from Rucker me having to resubmit a physical would mean no May board....
  6. So found out some interesting news yesterday, they're pushing for 60% Street to Seat and 40% AD. Also was told they're not as focused on SIFT test scores because "they realized it doesn't have a big impact" and they're pushing about 290 and above for PT to have a chance. BUT this is just what I was told from a CW5 that talked to his friend at Rucker so it could be wrong... I will be retaking my PT until I get a 300 just to be safe though.
  7. Well, I apologize just going off of what it says "Warrant Officer Selection Board/Packet submission Schedule"
  8. Anyone that wouldn't mind me sending my summary in a message for feedback? Thank you in advance.
  9. Update to packet: Age: 22 PT: 265/300 GT: 111 SIFT: 58 LOR: CPT, LTC, CW5 (all nightstalkers) Flight time: 15 hours simulator time Schooling: no degree; 43 credits (2.7 gpa) :/ Military: SGT, three years in as 42A (S1), Three deployments. Highest mil ed is BLC Physical: Stamped good no waivers
  10. Yeah same I was surprised. But he has a point^ they get more years out of you the younger you are. You aiming for the May board as well?
  11. Good stats form what I see just do good on that SIFT. Only thing I hear that can hurt you (and me) is the age because were 20 and 22 compared to the more mature people that usually submit so id say get some good things about maturity in those LOR's
  12. Yeah reading this completely threw me of haha, glad theirs no change for now.
  13. ***USAREC Form 3.3 - (formerly USAREC Form 1936) - Warrant Officer Recommendation - Note: Both forms are still acceptable for packet submissionGo and download it from http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOpdownload_forms.shtml . This is the format they want, all forms can be found of here. Download the sample packet as well and it shows you e x a c t l y how to fill out everything.
  14. I've heard they look for key words such as "service, dedication, for my country" and others I don't exactly remember at this time. But if you can catch the drift of what I'm getting towards...
  15. Yeah I have been using the FAA and study guide, ill probably go to that time per day because that 68 you have looks great. Appreciate the feedback.
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