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  1. I'm an E5 PS Navy going to 10 weeks BCT at Ft. Jackson in Feb. I'll try to remember to post here after graduating so you can have an up-to-date response. I'm hoping it will be like this while I'm there. But I expect nothing.
  2. Is that why nobody seems to want to fly the 64s? I thought it was the mission they had.
  3. Congrats to you too. Are you doing Basic at Jackson too or just the same WOCS class? And Feb. can't come soon enough.
  4. Selected on the July board. Had to get ETP due to DD368 Navy issues. Basic at Jackson Feb. 25 and WOCS May 09.
  5. After many phone calls and explaining multiple times to my center leader that no, I did not have to wait for the HRC MILPERS message to be released, I finally got an answer. I was selected.
  6. I called and spoke to him. He hasn't heard anything yet. Said he'd try to contact the recruiting BN. This doesn't shock me. The whole process has been nothing but a sh*t show.
  7. My recruiter is on leave... I have to wait till next week.
  8. Is there anyone who can see the message and check if I was selected? I can't get a hold of my recruiter right now.
  9. Hey everyone. After trying to make it to the last three selection boards and going through a lot of BS, I finally got confirmation from my regional recruiting BN that my packet is correct and completed, is at HRC, and will be at the July Selection. I have a DD368 approved that expires about 2 weeks after the selection board so I'm really hoping to get picked up. Age: 29 GT: 137 SIFT: 68 APFT: 253 LOR: Army CW4 Aviation, Army CW3 Aviation (Retired), Navy O5 non-aviation Flight Time: None Flight Physical: Stamped, no-waivers Education: AA English 4.0GPA; BA Government and Public Servi
  10. Did you happen to find out what the timeline is for non-Army applicants?
  11. I have a question for everyone here. I'm currently in the Navy Reserves, have an active clearance, and am actively drilling but applying for WOFT Active Duty. I thought I was done with my packet and now just waiting for the selection board. My Army recruiter called me today saying I have to go to MEPS for a security interview. I told him I have an active clearance; I even have a civillian job that requires one. But, he says I still have to go up and basically re-aply for a clearance. Is this true? Is there anyway I can just show the Army I'm covered? I've had to go up to MEPS (which is abou
  12. I finally had my BN board yesterday after having it rescheduled 3 times. I don't know what score I got but was told I am being "Highly Recommended" for selection. My recruiter said my packet is done and should be reviewed by the Cadre later this month.
  13. Since I'm currently a Navy Reservist (actively drilling), I was told I could wear my Navy Dress Blue uniform for the BN Board, but my recruiter says it would be better to wear a suit. I don't have a suit, and I do not want to spend $300+ on something I'm probably only going to wear once. Also, I think the Cracker Jack look good, even if the Army hates on it. Would wearing my dress blues hurt/help/not matter when going to the BN board?
  14. If you could get more info on this, that would be great. Is 290 a hard cutoff? As in, someone with a 289 will be DQd solely on this? I can't see that being possible. I scored a 253 APFT last month and have been training still. I was going to retake it, but now I'm concered all of this is for nothing. I won't reach 290 if I retook it now.
  15. I had some similiar problems. The solution was posted on the forum here: http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/21042-flight-physical/ It really helped out and I have the stamped/approved flight physical in hand.
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