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  1. I guess I shouldn't have specified just WOBC. Is there anything I should/can be studying to prepare for the Flight school pipeline after WOBC. I just have a lot of time on my hands right now and would like to be preparing myself to do well in Flight school.
  2. I'm scheduled to start Aviation WOBC in September. What material can/should I be studying now in preparation for the course?
  3. IMO, the best thing you can do to make yourself competitive right now is to earn a high GPA in your college courses, score a 300 APFT, study/get the best possible SIFT score that you can, and use the attachments as a guide when writing your resume. Also, find people to write LORs for you that know you rather than seeking out someone that may have high credentials but doesn't know anything about you. If you do not get selected on your first board, continue to improve your packet and keep submitting a packet until you get selected. I followed the Mountain tactical APFT plan at the link belo
  4. Gun Chief Wu, I’m a commissioned guy competing on this board. I was FQ-NS on this past January board, staying hopeful for this one. Age: 33 SIFT: 59 APFT: 300 Mil: Active Duty Army Captain, 9 years TIS, Signal Officer Civil Ed: BS Criminal Justice, 2.6 GPA Flight Experience: Fixed Wing PPL Phys: stamped Qualified Waiver: Age and AFCS waivers approved LOR: Company Commander, Battalion Commander, Night Stalker CW5, Aviation MG
  5. There have been a few people post on here that they were selected at 33 and 34 y/o with an age waiver. Look through the stats on this link: http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/16159-what-are-my-chances-check-out-the-stats-of-selected-members-here/page-13
  6. Hello everyone, I recently submitted my packet for the JAN Board. Thank you all for providing so much information on this forum to assist applicants throughout the process. I had to submit my packet 6 weeks before the deadline of 30 NOV because of a Waiver request for having over 48 months of commissioned service. I will receive one more OER before the deadline to send in packet updates. Do you recommend that I submit that OER as an update? The most recent OER I currently have in my packet is a MQ. Would your recommendation vary on submitting the additional OER if it is HQ vs MQ?
  7. E-mail subject line instructions: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MI - PRIMARY WOMOS - E-MAIL NUMBER OF THE TOTAL NUMBER OF E-MAILS being sent. Example: JOHNSON, STEVEN M. - 153A - 1 OF 2, second e-mail subject line, JOHNSON, STEVEN M. - 153A - 2 OF 2. Also, be sure to title your PDF attachments in the following format: 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc... (packet compiled in the order set in the checklist, then broken up and labeled in the manner shown) E-mail size cannot exceed 5MB.
  8. You need to submit the UF 3.1 physical coversheet and page 1 of your DD Form 2808 with qualified stamp. Here is the quote from the common application errors pdf: "If applying for 150A or 153A you must also submit page 1 of your DD Form 2808 with qualified stamp from Ft. Rucker in you packet."
  9. I'm currently on AD and I took the OPAT for my WO packet. According to the checklist on the USAREC website the DA61, block 41 must state that you have completed and passed the OPAT (company commander signs to verify). The current checklist does not have the actual OPAT scorecard listed as something to include in the packet.
  10. Yes sir, I'm tracking the once per year board in Jan. I'm working on getting my physical complete right now. I'm not sure what the issue is with the certificates without looking at it.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a SC O3 and I'm in the process of completing a packet to make the transition from CO to WO to pursue my dreams to fly. I appreciate all the information that you all have provided through this thread. Do you have any information of what the success rate is of getting selected? Out of other Non-aviation CO on here that have tried to make this switch, have most of you been selected? -Steve
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