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  1. Hi, Any WOFT Soldiers know how the process works for traveling to Fort Rucker after finishing BCT at Jackson? Thanks
  2. Hi, Any WOFT Soldiers know how the process works for traveling to Fort Rucker after finishing BCT at Jackson? Thanks
  3. Mr. stearmann, Forgive me for my ignorance on this subject; when you say special mission units, are you referring to FW assets that ferry SF and rangers/equipment etc. to overseas battlefields or ones that provide a jump platform for purely training purposes? Do these assets fall under a contingent of the 160th? This stuff sounds intriguing!
  4. Fantastic advice man, thank you. I will most certainly will try this!!
  5. For those of you (WOFT) who have gone through basic at Ft. Benning and then went on to Fort Rucker for WOCS: -How does that transportation work? -Can we travel to Rucker on our own accord? -I heard of previous posters saying the DIs at Benning told them something untrue; that they couldn't drive themselves to Rucker only to find out they actually could drive themselves once they got to Rucker -If there is arranged transpo to Rucker, can we opt out and have a family member drive us over to Rucker instead? Thanks for the input as my ship date is nearing and I am hitting the bottom of m
  6. I am WOCS 19-011. With all honesty brotha, I can't see how we would ever need to do any DL classes as we will be in BCT and then straight to WOCS. I think some of the prior service members do DL if they've been through PLC but other than that, our 7 week course was supposed to make the DL portion irrelevant. Only thing is those 7 week courses are kaput so idk. I ship here in two weeks for Basic and haven't heard a peep about any DL so I wouldn't worry if I were you.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Is there any chance of Permissive TDY or ANY mandated pass period to look for housing and such after WOCS but before WOBC starts? or is that considered on your personal time for Soldiers with no dependents ? What is supposed to happen if you go straight to WOBC immediately after WOCS but you have no housing ? Thanks again.
  8. Hi, I am to attend WOCS through WOFT in April. Does anyone know if we get some kind of authorized leave immediately after WOCS graduation? If so, how long and how does that work? Pass? Chargeable? I like to know mainly since it would be the first time Id have any off time since entering basic. Thanks!
  9. Your enlistment trip to MEPS is going to suck ass. Yes, you will do an "inspect" once again. You'll be weighed. You will stand around in your skivvies while the doctors make a group of you do a couple exercises. You'll meet one on one with the Doctor once again only to make sure nothing has changed. No a**hole prodding and sack checks this time around. Your "inspect" group of people are mostly comprised of some fat bodies that failed weigh ins before and had to wait until they shed weight to come and re qulify - at least was the case when I did it. The nurse made a comment after I stepped of
  10. Yeah, not really closer to enlisted at all. Warrants. are. Officers. Again, not that it matters in so far as "who is better" or some such nonsense (since the fact most WOs are prior Enlisted in the first place). Just a highlight that a good amount of regular line Officers (not a majority) have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to Warrant Officers and WO's *legal* authority vested to Officers I don't care whether we are more akin to sloths or braveheart, but I swear, most of my buddies, *cough* *cough* Infantry Officers *Cough* *Cough* have no clue WTF they are talking about L
  11. Yeah I looked up the statue and I am 99% sure of the facts. I just want someone else to agree with me lol. Not that it really matters, I'm just tired of my commissioned friends saying Warrant Officers are more akin to enlisted ranks than to the Officer ranks.
  12. For the Active duty Warrants: I was having a discussion with my friend who is a Captain in the Army about the legal authority that Warrant Officers hold and what route that legal authority is vested from. Long story short I explained that WO1 were appointed via Warrant by the secretary of the Army, while promotion to CW2 garners a regular commission via the President. My O3 pal would'nt accept that CW2-5 hold actual commissions. I just want to make sure my info isn't bad here. We commission at CW2 right? Thanks
  13. Thanks. Yeah I get the reason behind that and I understand the "22 weeks to think about it". Was just curious what happens when you think for 22 weeks you'll pick an airframe that isn't available to you because someone else picks, or there isn't any slots for that airframe. I guess there is only 4 types so you gotta have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th pick lol.
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