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  1. First off, bless the people that died/ became injured in this crash. When is papillon going to step their safety game up? Papillons accident rate seems to directly correlate to the low wages they pay pilots. Instead of hiring low time pilots/inexperienced pilots, maybe they should increase their salary from one of the lowest paying tour companies in the canyon and have a more selective process like Maverick does. Higher wages equals better pilots. Maverick has ZERO fatalities and they work their pilots 10 times harder than Papillon. Papillon has also been rumored to have sketchy maintenance over the years. I believe it was papillon who previously allowed their pilots to keep the blades spinning on an empty helicopter, while the pilot was allowed to take a leak from standing on the skid. Papillon is a complete sh*t show and I can make that claim first hand. They should be banned from the canyon. Enough is enough.
  2. I havent glanced thru ntsb830 since I got my last rating 15 years ago. As if I spend my free time sharpening up my FAR/AIM knowledge.
  3. What else would they be flying at 40 hours? What else would they be giving a tour in at 400 hours? First instance, R22 or schweizer. Second instance r44. No insurance company would cover a noob with 40 or 400 hours in a turbine. I mean Im sure they would but it would be crazy expensive. Jaybee is full of it. Notice he didnt respond
  4. Now Jaybee.. we are all happy that you are bonafide Robbie-Ranger. No need for name calling. Would you mind sharing the FAA reports with us? Dont give an excuse as to why you dont share. Id be willing to bet $1,000.00 cash that youre fabricating both stories. Robinsons rarely have engine failures and I HIGHLY doubt that you had two of them within 400 hours. I would also like to add that in the miracle you described, you would be one of the few that could pull off a full down at 40 hours. Statistics are on my side, so swallow your words for me.
  5. Even adding 50 hours onto private and 50 onto commercial training requirements would make a huge positive difference. Anyone disagree ?
  6. I did contact a law firm to initiate a class action lawsuit. I have a telephonic meeting with them next week and theyre well aware of the problem. So anyone who was doubting can take their foot out of their mouth
  7. Interesting speculation, although I would respectfully disagree. People would be in school longer, it would be more expense, but the payout would be worth it. There would be far less accidents, far less people flying who shouldnt be flying today (we all know its true). The industry would definitely change. But its like the internet coming forth. We though it would take over everything but our world has adapted. As far as drones taking over pilot jobs, that will never happen in the helicopter industry. And if it did, there would be more drone pilot jobs available to people who can already fly. The battery technology is no where near where it has to be to cause any threat in the near foreseeable future. Instead of agreement with all the true stuff Im talking about, you can remain as part of the problem and get shafted your whole career. Flying an R22 or an R44 is a mom and pop shop operation. As far as the Grand Canyon tours go, the haulapai Indians control that. If they say no one can land there anymore, its over for everyone. Its a multi million dollar industry and there will never be a shortage of pilots to fly Grand Canyon tours. But if people had to pay more to train and train longer, that means less pilots and salaries and safety both go up.
  8. Thats exactly my point, the number of pilots will be reduced as it should be. But since we give out licenses like hot cakes at a dinner, all the pilots in the industry suffer. Its not safe and its not fair. If you want to be a pilot it should take 10 times the requirements that are currently set
  9. Thats not going to happen though. No bank is going to give 250,000.00 to anyone for a trade school, especially a helicopter pilot. Lol. Think about it
  10. A college degree is valuable after being in the industry and realizing you made the biggest career mistake of your life by becoming a helicopter pilot. Lol
  11. Im contacting Mountain States Legal Foundation first thing in the morning. Filing a class action lawsuit against the FAA for creating too low of an hour requirement for private/commercial pilots. With all the accident data there is for low time pilots, I think theres actually a legitimate case here
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