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  1. Sorry about posting this late. Unfortunately, my Age Waiver was not approved. It took about 4 months to return and by that time, I turned 36. Proponent decided I was "too old, too old to begin the training." The news was pretty devastating and it has not been easy to get over. Flying was a lifelong goal that got denied. Regrettably with age, there is no way to change it. Every year I get older and if they denied me at 36, they arent likely to change their minds. I thought I had a good packet, but it wasn't good enough. Looking back, I would have changed a few things. The first and most obvious would be submitting my packet sooner. The second would have been to hunt down a CW4 or CW5 to write my LoR. As I've seen a number of times on this forum, getting the best Letters possible are crucial. I wish I had found this forum sooner because it is an amazing wealth of knowledge, advice, and experience. I'd like to thank everyone so much for all the help. I knew it was a longshot, but it still hurt to be rejected. I was so worried about having the perfect packet that I hindered my own chances. Please don't make my same mistake. Get your packets in. Write your waivers and make them tell you NO. Thankfully, there is some good news. I kept at it and things worked out differently. I'm going to be a Warrant Officer in different field. I got selected in January and I attend WOCs in August.
  2. Alright, so I have edited my Age Waiver Request and I think it hits most of the criteria everyone has suggested. Here is the updated version: I would like your strongest consideration for an Age Waiver into the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) program. Becoming a Rotary Wing Aviator is a lifelong vision that I am determined to see fulfilled. I will best serve the U.S. Army transitioning to the Warrant Officer Corps. During a seven year break in service, I determined that my true purpose was serving our country in the U.S. Army. In 2014, I corrected my eyesight with photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) to meet flight eligibility requirements. After surgery, I acquired my Pathfinder and Expert Infantryman’s Badges. I achieved Distinguished Honor Graduate while attending Advanced Leaders Course. My Battalion Commander awarded me Hero of the Battle during a joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation at Ft. Polk. I permanently changed stations to Germany in 2016. Upon arrival, my intended Warrant Officer Application was delayed due to a seven month deployment to Poland as a part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence mission. My age will not hinder me in any future capacity or endeavor. In contrast, my maturity and leadership experience provide the necessary qualities of an outstanding Warrant Officer and Aviator. I am confident that my professionalism and scholastic aptitude will distinguish me as an asset to the Warrant Officer Cohort. My boundless enthusiasm for flying and steadfast dedication to the U.S. Army will propel me through countless years of honorable service. As always, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. I can't thank everyone enough for the feedback I've received thus far.
  3. Nice, that helps a lot. I have pretty much cut out that second paragraph and I need to do a little bit of refining, but seeing other examples has helped. I wasn't sure if the Waiver approving authority looked at the entire packet or just the Waiver. I found out they look at everything and that most of what I said in my Age Waiver was contained in my resume and essay.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the same. I feel it gets a little long in that paragraph. I think I'm just really anxious about submitting it. I know how important it is. I have read the sample packet quite a few times, but I'm struggling to find the right words to express that my age will not be an issue.
  5. Hello, Like others before me, this forum is a great source for valuable information and help. I have been researching and exploring the forums, but there is not a lot of information on age waivers. I was wondering if anyone had experience with them and if I could get some feed back on the one I plan to submit. I am a 35 year old active Staff Sergeant in the Infantry. I was in the Marine Corps before, but I had a 7 year break in service. That is the main reason I am so late to apply. Here is my proposed age waiver request: I had a seven year break in service between my time in the USMC and the Army. It was during that time that I earned an Associates’ Degree in Engineering. It was also when I determined that my true purpose was serving our country. I have reached a point in my military career where transitioning to Warrant Officer is how I can best serve the U.S. Army. Before, I could begin the application process I needed to receive photorefractive keratectomy(PRK) surgery to correct my myopia. In 2016, I received orders to Permanently Change Stations to Germany. My intended Warrant Officer Application was delayed due to an almost immediate seven month deployment to Poland as a part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence mission. When I became an Infantryman I created a list of professional goals that I needed to accomplish before I could consider moving in a different direction. Through hard work and dedication, I have been able to complete my list. I strove to become a Weapons Squad Leader, the most tactically adept and experienced Squad Leader in a Rifle Platoon. I earned my Expert Infantryman’s Badge proving that I was proficient in my field. Finally, I wanted to deploy as an Infantryman. I completed that with my 7 month deployment to Poland to assist with NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence mission which sought to deter aggression in Eastern Europe. Having reached my professional goal of a becoming a Weapons Squad Leader, my individual goal of earning my Expert Infantry Badge, and through a deployment as an Infantryman, I am finally ready to expand my professional horizons. My age will not hinder me in any future capacity. In contrast, my maturity will serve to enhance my dedication, performance, and scholastic aptitude. I am confident that my professional, personal, and educational qualities will enable me to have both a successful and a long career as a Warrant Officer and Rotary Wing Aviator. If granted the opportunity, I will be able to best benefit and serve the U.S Army through my transition to the Warrant Officer Corps. Honestly, I know its a long shot to get picked up, but I would like to put my best foot forward with this age waiver. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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