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  1. There’s a video on YouTube on Definition of U.S Army Warrant Officer, helped me out. Also on the packing list I don’t know what has changed since I went but everything is picked over unless you can leave post once you get there and get your supplies.
  2. The Mike model is more advanced. I’m a NG guy and I know one of the A/L went to another NG person. They still have to give seats out but after I believe 2023 is last time you can be selected for A/L.
  3. I wish I could help out... but Daleville Animal Hospital has boarding and there really good!
  4. Just assuming... but if your wife is close to her due date they will most likely not send you to SERE because i assure you, you will not want to redo it.
  5. I’d say as long as you have someone watch your furry friend during SERE you should be fine
  6. They didn’t even check my dog when we arrived here. Just don’t let them be a problem. Mine got out a couple days ago and the MP’s said they can fine me if he gets out again.
  7. Like they said. Also WOBC is a good course if your a guard guy(like myself) to help with getting you and/or your family settled in to your house. Also gets you into the flow of what’s coming next, after WOBC.
  8. Got a PA guy in my class now send a DM and I’ll give you his contact number
  9. 18 months and if Im not mistaken its based on your birthday. I believe the the info you are looking for is in AR 40-501 if you have access.
  10. We didnt do one for score but ran through each event. Im in the national guard so for the soldiers that are just showing up for the one weekend a month, I think they will struggle but for those of us that show a little bit of care factor we should be fine. You will need to do some sort of weight training to prepare for the ACFT. Its obviously not like the old one where you can be at home and just do sit-ups and push-ups between commercials and go run and couple times a week.
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