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  1. Thanks! My eyesight is at that annoying place where I get used to seeing very well with glasses and I feel like I'm blind without them so I was hoping it wasn't a big deal. I love this community, it's one of the best things recommended to me!
  2. Hello everyone. I was selected earlier this year and am set to attend WOCS 11 MAR 2020. I had a quick vision question: My eye sight is 20/30 correctable to 20/15 but my left eye is barely correctable to 20/20 and is 20/40 on bad days. Are wearing glasses a pain while in training? Can we get prescription sunglasses? Is this even really an issue? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello VR, I'm currently putting together a packet for the July 2019 board and I am curious about fixed wing careers vs. rotary wing careers. 1. Is there a real difference in day-to-day work/life in comparison? 2. I've heard that the duty stations for FW are less than desirable, is this true? 3. Are the promotion rates affected when going FW? 4. Is there any advantage over the other? Thanks!
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