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  1. There’s some studs in that Apache group.
  2. apply for separation through vmpf. PM me if you have any questions.
  3. If anyone has some current input on this Id appreciate it. Currently E4 Air Force going to BCT at Jackson In January. Id like to know what to expect.
  4. Does anyone have a list or know how to find out which Guard units have fixed wing openings? Im trying to find some information for a friend looking to go WOFT guard. Thanks in advance.
  5. Also may be the fact Im not an NCO so I have to go to one of the 4 7 week courses, but who knows.
  6. I think it was mostly my stunning good looks and charm.
  7. As an F-16 crew chief I completely understand having ten broke jets that couldnt make it out. What bothers me more is why the hangars didnt have anchors in the structure to reinforce the roof. The code in Florida requires it. You would think the AF would make improvements to the hangar when they decided to station them there.
  8. Haha! I dont know if any of you guys are maintenance, but Im the AF we use IMDS and thats where I got it from.
  9. Can someone send me a picture of the list? Im TDY and have no email access. Recruiter said I was selected,but would still like to see it in black and white.
  10. Age-24 GT 134 Sift- 59 PT Test 292 LORs- O-3, O-6, retired Cw4/GM15, CW5 (VIP) 2.5 years Air Force Crew Chief Selected September 2018
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