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  1. Im going to Fort Jackson for basic training.
  2. I just signed my contract amd swore in today. I got a Feb. 19th ship date and a May 9th WOCS start date.
  3. Still, dont count it out until you hear the news. Also, if you dont make it, it could be a good thing, lots of twists and turns and bumps in my packet process all seemed to put me in an even better position to be accepted. Silver linings
  4. Idk man I wouldn't count it out, you have better/similar stats as me and are younger than me. I could have just been lucky to have someone excited to tell me the news.
  5. My recruiter was out at schools and said that he would get me the results as soon as possible. Soon after results were released though I got called by someone who was above my recruiter in the same recruiting battalion and gave me the news.
  6. Head of my recruiting battalion called me and gave me the news. I made the cut and I sign my contract next week. Im sorry to hear about you guys who didnt make it. Just keep trying at it! Good luck to those who have yet to hear.
  7. I keep sneaking glances at my phone in class trying to see if anybody has heard anything.
  8. I just checked the forum for this past july board. They were supposed to get the results on July 23rd but nobody heard anything until the day after that. So I guess be prepared to wait another day just in case results dont come out in the next few hours. Also here is a link that shows packet dates/deadlines/etc.... http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_boardschedule.shtml Im not sure of its accuracy but there is a decent ammount of general information here. if you look at the top left of the table you can see start/end dates of each board.
  9. Anybody know when basic/wocs would be for this selection group? Ive heard of it being weeks from signing your contract and then ive also heard of being months after signing. Anybody have any info? This wait is killing me now but if I get selected the wait for basic training will be even worse.
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