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  1. So long as you can maintain that while being graded. Is a recruiter administering your test? Edit: ^What Gravity said!
  2. You're location ultimately doesn't matter since all packets are submitted and boarded together by USAREC.
  3. I would definitely improve that APFT. You have guys in their 30s (harder grading scale to max) scoring at a minimum of 270+ before being comfortable to apply.
  4. Everyone has touched on it, and I agree. Just a tip though; I would recommend bringing a hard copy of your entire packet in a binder with sleeves, post-its for corrections/pending edits, ect. This little effort made impressions on everyone that helped me along the way. It shows that your absolutely ready to submit pending their recommendation, and also gives them the opportunity to overview your entire packet for corrections and getting an idea of your application.
  5. Ooof. I thought that looked funny lol.
  6. Selected 1st Look - NOV19 AD Army Age: 31 MOS: 15T UH60 CE Rank: SGT(P) TIS: 7 years SIFT: 59 APFT: 279 College : 45 credits, 3.5 GPA LOR: O-4, O-5, CW5 ETP: Moral Waiver
  7. Grats man. Nice to see another Tango Lol
  8. Sorry man. I hear the O to WO revert boards are tough. Going to try again?
  9. Are you on orders soon and need the selection list to defer your orders? I'm in a slightly similar situation lol.
  10. I wonder if this delay in pushing the list out would push out Atrrs notification as well?
  11. Still no Milper today. Although a different one did come out, something about generals. Maybe they'll reboard everyone in January Lol.
  12. I scanned the official transcripts that I requested from my schools. Since I had 2 schools I attended, I attached both. The most recent one had accumulated transfer hours from the first. And electives were included, along with the military training conversion. Edit: Also, starting to think no Milper message today for everyone still waiting; unless they publish it closer towards COB.
  13. It may seem obvious, but focus on what you can control. Things like APFT and looking over letters/summary over and over. Your stats looked good at a glance. The only thing that stood out was your Apft. I got my eyes on what may have been the Civilian board summary, and it had an average Apft of 260s.
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