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  1. JH11B already addressed the other points, this one just stood out to me. Try not to think of it as the Army just taking Willy Nilly everyone. There is a deficit, but the pipeline is still a chokepoint. That being said, they are still able to be selective in their process, hence the recent overall rates compared to like 3 years ago. Ultimately, you're still bring boarded vs a broad range of people who are fighting for select number of class seats.
  2. I tried. Lol. You do you my friend. My final words to you, as a Section Sgt 15T, the difference in experience between Romeos and Uniforms and Tangos is night and day. It's up to you to decide what you truly, passionately want to do. Not just, "I'll try this and that, or get out and work for dyna corp" You're still so very young with a billion options ahead of you. Don't be so hateful to limit your doors. PS: Anything you "heard" is irrelevant. What matters is the regulations and what people in the actual jobs tell you. (Real Pilots, not Reddit)
  3. Don't sit around. I went to college and did my best to built up my military resume before I dropped my packet. Stop rushing and try to be productive.
  4. I don't know why you're so adamant to rush. I waited 6 damn months for my 15T slot because I wanted to fly. That was at age 24
  5. Reclassing is no where near that easy, whoever is telling you that is selling snake oil.
  6. Don't know what you're trying to say, but what I was getting at was Uniforms and Tangos have the opportunity to actually fly and get a better feel for how flights actually go, along with bonding with all sorts of pilots in missions.
  7. If you're going to enlist then fly, why not go for a flying MOS?
  8. It's not fruitless. Plenty of my MTPs, nearly all, were street to seat. Simply put, your individual packet wasn't strong enough against that specific board. I would never discourage someone to attempt to apply because of speculative rates.
  9. That's not how that works at all. I get you might be frustrated due to the recent board, but don't speculate on these types of things. Yes, the Army is short on pilots. That is a fact. As of 2019 they filled gaps from 731 to 700. They have a long way to go. Accepting pilots isn't the issue, you have to consider the pipeline that it takes to create pilots. The Army can only produce so many at any given time with the resources it requires. Think trainers, classes, airframes, instructors, ect. The pilot shortage is global and everyone is feeling it.
  10. Some light Googling has shown me that there's an Aviation unit in Jacksonville, FL. I'd recommend reaching there if you're looking for some local Aviators. Have you had you packet looked at by anyone in this board for peer eval?
  11. Damn I didn't think the class dates would be so soon. Congrats to everyone!
  12. They will drop your orders well before then, and you'll stabilize there until your class date.
  13. Maybe. I was still technically on Conus books on PCS leave on Friday. Oconus now.
  14. I got my WOCS class date email last Friday. I will be reporting 17 February 2021. (Long way out due to my personal situation. The itis is going to itch)
  15. So long as you can maintain that while being graded. Is a recruiter administering your test? Edit: ^What Gravity said!
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