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  1. The VA paid for my PPL checkride last year under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. So maybe they won't reimburse you for it but they'll certainly pay for it up front. My guess is it was included in the course fees through the college since the VA will just pay whatever the college charges and depends on the 85/15 rule to keep prices sane. It is still possible right now today in 2020 to get all of your ratings, including PPL, with $0 out of pocket using the Post 9/11 GI Bill through an institute of higher learning that employs its own flight instructors. The school I went to even "gave" me a David Cl
  2. You CAN use your GI Bill for your PPL, even in 2020. Quantum Helicopters in AZ is one school where it's possible to do the whole thing with the GI Bill.
  3. Somebody who is proud of being unnecessarily nasty and cruel to other folks complaining about somebody treating them the same way certainly meets the definition of irony. I should have laid it out for you from the start and not assumed competence.
  4. Not surprising that you'd confuse implying with inferring. I didn't imply anything. You'll be gone soon and the helicopter world will be a better place for it.
  5. I wouldn't say I'm troubled, amused is closer to the truth. It's amusing seeing how affected you are by another person's body parts. I'm used to keyboard warriors typing things they'd never say to me in person, so that's also amusing to me. Watching you fade farther into irrelevancy gives me lots of pleasure! 😂 Butters, there's a subtle difference between sex and gender, but to me the context clears up any confusion. If somebody says sex when they mean gender I can figure it out just fine, doesn't bother me.
  6. So why do you primarily use a gendered pronoun when discussing female pilots but primarily use "the pilot" when discussing make pilots?
  7. For both male and female pilots, right? So why is it important to focus on the gender when it's a female pilot that screws up but focus on the actions when it's a male pilot?
  8. I guess I need you to read between the lines for me because I'm still not seeing how the gender is relevant to anyone without a bias. Can you explain it like I'm 5?
  9. It's too bad it gets completely lost in the woman-hating. Compare your first post in this thread to your posts about the Augusta crashing in NYC or the Hudson River LTE incident, for example. How many times do you reference the gender of the pilot? In the Augusta thread there may be one but then everywhere else it's "the pilot". In the LTE thread there are a few in an early paragraph and then it's "the 206 pilot". In your first post in this thread you reference the pilot's gender 13 times in the first paragraph alone and then continue to refer to the pilot as "this woman". Why do you think yo
  10. So much compensation for so many insecurities 😂🤣
  11. It's not the criticism, it's the delivery. When you criticize male pilots you don't call out their gender. When you criticize female pilots, their gender features strongly in your criticism.
  12. You're proud of being ignorant? Eh, you're not worth much more effort here.
  13. Sounds like I touched a nerve! Edit: it's interesting that you use female-gendered words as attempted insults. Really speaks to your state of mind. Did your mommy hurt you? Is that where the woman-hating comes from? Luckily you and your kind are a literal dying breed.
  14. Exactly how much of your cherry-drying work did she win away from you? Even if there are any valid points in that steaming pile of words you just come across as a woman-hater. You should try to be better.
  15. This is false! The GI Bill WILL pay for your PPL if it's part of a degree program AND the flight instructors are employees of the institute of higher learning. I just did it in 2018 and it's still possible today. The instructors have to work for the college, though.
  16. Thanks for taking the time to explain all this repeatedly. After much reading and re-reading here, FM 1-51, and the Wagtendonk I see the light and it seems obvious now that cyclic action is what compensates for (or maybe more accurately prevents) dyssemetry of lift when the cyclic is used to gain airspeed. I wish my flight school would have at least mentioned it. They spent so much time making sure we understood dyssemetry of lift and flapping to equality when airspeed is >0, but didn't touch on cyclic blowback and the ramifications. Again, obvious once you've considered it but the way it
  17. Does figure 12-5 depict sustained forward flight? I think you're misinterpreting that. If I'm flying straight and level at 90 kts, will I run out of fuel or forward cyclic movement range first? Assuming full tanks at takeoff.
  18. Do you have a copy of Principles of Helicopter Flight? Chapter 12, Forward Flight, directly contradicts you. Particularly the section under the heading "Eliminating Dissymmetry of LIft". Thoughts?
  19. Up relative to the "disc" as you call it, not relative to the fuselage.
  20. The Coriolis effect has to do with the conservation of angular momentum. Does that help or do you need another hint?
  21. Do you understand why a 2-bladed semi-rigid rotor is underslung? Isn't it to counteract the Coriolis effect which would normally force the advancing blade to rotate faster since flapping up would bring its center of mass closer to its axis of rotation if it wasn't underslung? I guess I'm not sure what that DOESN'T have to do with the Coriolis effect.
  22. What page of the HFH is that on, iChris? Might be better to point the OP directly at the source for all the context.
  23. mudkow60 doesn't seem like he'd be much fun to hang out with. I love how easily butters gets his goat, though 🤣 The best part is how he thinks he's really burning butters by declaring butters to be unfit for the industry. Butters has been telling us that himself for quite a while now!
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