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  1. For the barber my go to is choppers just outside the Daleville gate
  2. Anyone else from this board getting ready to ship tomorrow? Sitting in my hotel room, anxious and bored out my mind
  3. The dates will be on your contract when you go to MEPS to sign and swear in.
  4. Call the help desk (334)255-0750. They can help expedite your flight physical. This worked in May, hopefully thats the right place still.
  5. https://usacac.army.mil/sites/default/files/documents/cace/wocc/wocsdlenrollment_FY19calendar_050918.pdf
  6. Wouldnt be surprised if yall get the July basic at benning and October WOCS dates that some of the people that signed later than others from the September board got.
  7. Age: 24 GT: 127 (90 AFQT) SIFT: 54 APFT: 240 Education: MBA (3.0 GPA), BBA sports management (2.78 GPA), HS diploma (3.2 GPA) LORs: CW4 Guard Aviator, Ranger Major (Ret.), college lacrosse team pastor, Captain in 101st (Ret.) Physical: stamped fully qualified No flight time and No prior service
  8. Just got dates for basic February 19, at Jackson, and Wocs May 9.
  9. Where at? Signing my contract and swearing in tomorrow.
  10. Just got the call from my recruiter said I made it and act surprised when the colonel calls you. Good luck to everyone else waiting on phone calls, I know it was a very nervous half hour for me.
  11. Nothing here either. Also refreshing very often and when I see a new post I get my hopes up, then theres the letdown of nothing new.
  12. This last month has felt like 3! Cannot imagine how the wait to go to basic is gonna feel!!!
  13. Had my battalion board interview yesterday and got all 3 recommendations. Now the fun of waiting for the USAREC board to convene at the end of September shall commence.
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