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  1. Whip, You can check out the board dates on the warrant officer usarec website. From my knowledge, it seems as if you can submit your packet up to two weeks from the actual board date. With that said, the process can take anywhere from 6-18+ months. Check the block on the things you will need, LORs, essay, medical, clearance, etc. Having good "stats" is one thing, but I feel like "stats" are no factor. Where you make, your money is on those LORs and WOFT essay. Furthermore, having a motivated recruiter helps and being personally motivated helps as well. My recruiter has been busting his ass for me and is staying true to his six-month goal of getting me to sign a contract. I have been able to achieve specific things that I feel might separate me from the pack. Develop a dynamic like that, and things should go smoothly. Lastly be patient, quality over quantity. From what I have read on these forums and guys I know personally, everyone wants to get picked up quick, signed contract quick and get to flying as quickly as possible. Take a realistic look at yourself, compile the information, and set a realistic goal as to how long this road will be. If you can't make it to a board because you are not 100% satisfied with your work then push it. High schoolers want it to happen quick af but it's like, okay what do you have to offer the Army. I have been fortunate enough to have service time, receive civilian rotorcraft training, have college and okay test scores. I have concluded that none of that means sh*t. Yeah, it looks good but again those LORs and WOFT essay tho. I got a buddy this month who got picked up with a 2.6 GPA, 2/5 people with FAA licenses did not get picked up, people with and without service time got picked up. There is for sure an aspect to this WOFT game none of us really see, which is what makes it competitive and an even playing field at the same time. This comment is for sure overkill but maybe someone like where I was will read it! All I got to say is nothing is set in stone till pen meets paper, good luck yall!!!!
  2. Just read a thread on Reddit someone mentioning 3/5 applicants with PPL was selected. Which mean 2/5 were not selected....I'm so shook right now!
  3. I keep reading everyone's stats on the May Board thread, yall stacked af!!!!
  4. So once phase 1 and phase 2 physicals are done, they get sent to Ft. Rucker for processing. Any idea how long it takes to hear back? I have a clean bill of health FYI.
  5. This is my first time posting a forum so please bear with me. I am hoping I get some useful information form whoever. I just out the military and am looking to submit a WOFT application once I am done with my guard time. Luckily I only signed up for a year. I am currently in a civilian flight school, and by Oct I should be an instrument and commercial rated pilot. Oct 2018 is my last month in the NG. These are my questions: 1) Since I will be a civilian, will I be attending a BN board with my recruiters unit? 2) About when after the board do you find out if you got selected? 3) After getting selected how and when do you sign your aviation contract? I am waiting till after my guard contract due to the fact that I stepped on the wrong person toes and getting letters of recommendations will be close to impossible. Therefore I will just wait it out till Oct, continue my flight college, and submit as a civilian that way I do not need a CMDs LOR. If anyone could let me know if this makes sense to do please be as straightforward as possible.
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