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  1. Applying as a civilian. Love the guys (and gals) over at VX-1. Its a pretty neat base, I work right off the flightline and my desk view looks right out over the runway, so I get a free air show every day. Probably the only job in the world Id turn WOFT down for. If the process hadnt taken so long for me, I think my decision would be different. Hard to say no to a 14 position when Im three weeks out from 30.
  2. In what was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, despite being selected by the board, I turned down the opportunity to pursue WOFT today. The same week of the board, I was offered a GS position in the organization I support, that I believe will ultimately be better for me in the long run, and I still get to be spend my days surrounded by their aircraft I love. If anyone ever makes their way to the Test Pilot School at NAS Pax River, I can take you on a great tour.
  3. FQ-S! Big thanks to Mbrooks for looking me up!
  4. I did not include one. My current resume is tailored to my industry and covers a lot of technical experience. Anything I thought stood out, management experience, aviation related work, etc., I tried to reference in my essay. I wouldnt worry about losing points, but I would be cognizant that the board has limited time to review and I dont think you want to bog them down with too much material. If your essay and your LORs are succinct and you think the resume really adds something, I dont think it would hurt. I will say as a hiring manager, Id be way more interested in your ability to communicate any accomplishments through your essay versus skimming a resume.
  5. I started this process over a year ago, so I’m pretty excited to finally submit my packet. Stats are as follows: Age: 29 ASVAB/GT: 98/134 SIFT: 52 APFT: Waiting until April to give myself more time to run, but did a diagnostic last month at 270 Education: B.A. Russian - 3.4 GPA Phys: Stamped, no waivers LORs: Ret. Army CW4/Sikorsky test pilot, Ret. Navy CW4 Intel tech, Ret. Navy O5, USCG CW4 pilot. I know each of my letter writers personally and professionally, having previously, or currently working together. Military: None Flight Hours: 16
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