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  1. No one else? Damn guys.......... That bad eh?
  2. Okay gentlemen what was your closest call or most frightening moment you've had in your helicopters? Was there ever a moment when you thought your time just might be up?
  3. Yea guys I think overall my enthusiasm got ahead of reality for a second there.
  4. It sounds like you owe it to yourself to go out and buy your own R-44.
  5. Man I appreciate all the input!! Perhaps just flying for fun is the way for me to go at this point in my life? Anyone else just fly for fun?
  6. Thanks for your input guys!!! I appreciate your candor in regards to this thought going through my mind. I especially enjoyed Butters video!!!
  7. Let's say I am entering my forties armed with a wife and a kid.
  8. Okay guys I have been hanging around this forum for some time now and am about to embark on a huge life decision. I am going to give up my 60+K a year job with full benefits, two months vacation, and that has me home every night in order to become a helicopter pilot. My dream is to get every rating possible so I can fly for some type of fire service. What do you think? Am I crazy? Or should I just shoot for the sky and get in that R-22 all the way up to a Firehawk!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You guys need to unionize and form some solidified front!!! Trust me I'm not a lefty socialist but sometimes unions are a good thing. In this industry unions could be the tool that opens up some jobs and some type of uniformity in terms of salary.
  10. I wonder what ever happened to this guy? On another note Butters seemed a little wide eyed and optimistic back in those days.
  11. Okay if you guys could design a helicopter to your own personal specifications what type of rotor head would you go with?
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