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  1. A/L: 3 M: 23 64: 13 47: 5 C-12: 6 This is from beginning of April, I don’t recall the Breakdown between WO and CO.
  2. If you are able to do that route then I would say it’s your best chance. At a recent Reserve town hall meeting with flight students it was said that there will not be any opportunities for a call to active duty. There will however be several deployment opportunities coming up for Reserve Aviation.
  3. You do not need to be on orders for your flight physical, however I’m sure you could could be and use the day to RST from your unit’s monthly drill. Talk to your Unit Administrator. There are Reserve specific recruiters whose only job is to do Warrant Officer flight packets. They should be able to help with scheduling flight physicals too. Have you been working with one?
  4. The feedback I received and followed was that the physical can be no older than 12 months for the selection board, and no older than 18 by the completion of WOCS. The Rucker physical youll do will be good for 2 years. Doing a continuation of the 1A physical (If it becomes older than 12 months) is not difficult and is not nearly as in depth as the initial physical.
  5. Also had a gentleman in my class with braces for both WOCS and SERE.
  6. When I did my 1A the underwear olympics were not as in-depth as when I initially enlisted and went through MEPS. That being said it is most likely flight surgeon dependent. Dont let that be the reason that stops you from doing a packet. Make them eliminate you, dont eliminate yourself. Also there is almost always a waiver or an alternate test for just about everything. Good luck and dont take no for an answer.
  7. I found the study guides were very helpful. I wish I would have had a few hours flying prior to taking the test, I would have know several more answers.
  8. I found that if you tilt and slightly rotate the card, or move your head while you look at it, it is easier to tell which one stands out.
  9. I fell into a similar situation as you. Going by the stamp date I would be done with WOCS with the begin date I would expire prior to shipping. I was assured by my first flight surgeon that it was from the time it was stamped. When I got to my current unit they said I needed to get a continuance for my Class 1. I called down to Rucker and was told the same thing that my unit had said. The nightmare was getting seen for a full physical and getting stamped during the holiday season. Fortunately if you have any waivers that have previously been approved the same paperwork is submitted for a continuance and the physical is stamped fairly quickly after it is submitted. I wasnt going to risk it with one source saying one thing, and another saying another thing. It was an absolute pain, and I was a squeaky wheel for several weeks getting everything ironed out, but I now undoubtedly know an expiring physical wont keep me from going.
  10. The date that you began the physical. I learned this the hard way.
  11. Pennsylvania has the largest Army National Guard so maybe going to a state with a larger guard presence and big budget would offer some benefits? However a state with a small guard may offer an advantage because youll be less of just a number. As far as an enlisted MOS, I would recommend something that familiarizes you with army aviation and allows you to make contacts. Helicopter Mechanic, UAV operator, ATC. All of those give seem like they would be good options. Also, you could look for a job that will give you a valuable skill that translates well to the civilian side in the event WOFT doesnt work out for you. Medical equipment repairmen make very good money civilian side and there is an MOS for that. However you do it, good luck on your endeavors.
  12. 19-004 here. There are a few more on the forum. If I had to speculate, I would say that we will just graduate 2 weeks earlier than the projected graduation date. Has anyone joined the group outlined on the WOCC blackboard? I do not recall the name, but its supposed to be used as a way to communicate with one another prior to WOCS starting. Ill probably get around to registering for it sometime this week.
  13. Selected for the May board. Age: 29 GT: 126 SIFT: 62 APFT: 286 Military: 8 years TIS. E-5. 6 National Guard, 2 Reserves Flight hours: 3 hours. Cessna 172 Physical: Stamped, 1 waiver Civ Ed: BA Communication 2.65 GPA LORs: O-3, O-5 Aviator and CW3 Aviator Selected as a Reserve applicant. 155E. I feel like I won the lottery getting to go fixed wing.
  14. The Jan 3rd class is 19-004. Ill be in there with you. Im glad to hear its going to be a 5 week.
  15. Reclassed to an enlisted MoS based on the needs of the Army to fufil your service obligation in your contract. Or possibly separation depending on what the issue was the kept it from being granted.
  16. Im registered for the 7 week course that begins January 2019. There is a distance learning portion that we are required to enroll in that is part of a pilot program. Perhaps it is in preparation for the change over to everyone being in a 5 week course. If all FY19 classes are 5 weeks, awesome, but I doubt I will be so lucky. The kicker is Im an E5 with BLC. Id be thrilled to only have to do a 5 week course, however Im just glad to have been selected.
  17. I found a video on the CAE website with a overview of the facilities for the C-12 IEFW program.
  18. From what Ive seen over the last two years or so on this forum Id say C-12s are on the selection list about every third time. It ranges on how many slots there are available. Typically 1-4. Does anyone have any insight on what the C-12 course is like at Dothan?
  19. While it is just icing on the cake, I am supposed to receive a bonus at the completion of flight school. Ill be skeptical until I see it on my LES. Im a reservist so maybe its due to my airframe. As for cool guy schools, I never had the opportunity go during my first enlistment. I was a pogue NG guy so the funding just wasnt there unless you were combat arms.
  20. Has anyone gotten a bonus, SLRP or schools (I.e. AB, AA) with their WOFT contract?
  21. I called the help desk ‭(334) 255-0750‬ and they were able to expedite. Im not sure how common practice that is, hopefully theyre as helpful for you as they were for me.
  22. Age: 29 GT: 126 SIFT: 62 APFT: 286 Military: 8 years TIS. E-5. 6 National Guard, 2 Reserves Flight hours: 3 hours. Cessna 172 Physical: Stamped, 1 waiver Civ Ed: BA Communication 2.65 GPA LORs: O-3, O-5 Aviator and CW3 Aviator Reserve applicant. Anxious would be an understatement. Good luck to all!
  23. Im also curious on how the Reserve process works. Im hoping to board in May and will post my packet stats shortly.
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