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  1. I know a good amount of canyon warriors that didn't make it past the poly. Good guys with perfect backgrounds
  2. I figured there would be some sort of procedure for who would be in control or primary in a situation like this. Is this a common occurrence out there?
  3. Also, nothing against soliciting tips at all (anyone in tours does duh!), but stuffing your own 20's everywhere directly in front of the guests faces and a gigantic sign seems unprofessional and tacky. Sure, a paperclip with a folded 20 in it clipped under the upper glare shield on the pilot side just barely in view is fair enough. But that amount everywhere is kind of ridiculous. A subtle 20 in your semi transparent upper pocket and a heavy emphasis on "I hope you enjoyed MY tour for YOU today" is about all I'll do. If I even thought about clipping money to the panel or mentioning the "T" wor
  4. Well that's a ticking time bomb if I've ever seen one.
  5. On multiple accounts I've had groups of people go topless during a strip tour. Then again most of the passengers during the summer months are generally already naked to begin with. Two things you learn quickly...everything is bigger from Texas and glitter will blow out of the a/c vents for weeks after a big music event. Now, if you'll excuse me I'll be hiding from my other half when she reads this.
  6. Kiss your ass goodbye if it was Avbug up front. Turn everyone on board into a lawn dart without hesitation...because that's what we were trained to do in our super secret squirrel training right...right?!
  7. The canyon is losing pilots to HEMS (HAA?)/the dread of the summer heat faster than they can hire right now. Almost every company is short staffed. Not really helpful to the sub 1000 hour pilots except that maybe current CFI/44 tour pilots will come and fill the void and open up more instruction jobs.
  8. That was a crazy read. Good find thanks!
  9. 1. You said I won't be taking them very far. To which I replied I am aware, I am a pilot. Show me where I said I didn't know how far a helicopter could fly...brightspark. 2. I've been with 5 different 135 operators, same 10 minute powerpoint with all of them. If you were given some amazing hands on anti-terrorism or hijack training please enlighten us on it and where to find the material. Not a single other pilot I've spoken with has been given formal training nor believes their company has an official response they're supposed to follow. Not a single one. Damn no one must be qualified! 3.
  10. 1. Good joke, wonderful 10min powerpoint isn't it. See something say something got it bam I have no question whatsoever about handling this hypothetical situation with unlimited possible scenarios attached to it. NONE! 2. Hmm I see your point, I hope bad people don't know about the internet. If admins agree feel free to delete? 3. I agree yet again, however I'm more interested in the subject of what you guys think the real world response would be to squawking near a large base or city. Not if a helicopter is smart choice. 4. I assume they're all idiots what's your point. 5. He might,
  11. I feel like if I got the hint they wanted to use the helicopter to hit a building or a populated area and I didn't think I could get down alive then I'd elect to just take out a lonesome mountain. If they just wanted to take the helicopter down and kill everyone I assume said bad people would just take out the pilot anyway while sitting behind. I don't know, just a topic I've bounced around in my head every once in awhile when you get those creepy people on board or the drunks who slip through the very loose cracks. It's Stockholm syndrome, pilot edition. I've adapted to love not ha
  12. When I say 20-30pax that's total for the day. I fly 6-7 pax at a time on the helo side. I agree, if they've done any research at all you're pretty screwed on using the transponder or radios.
  13. As a ditch pilot flying 20-30 passengers a day from all around the world for hours on end that all have unchecked baggage with them in the aircraft cabin I've always had the underlying curiosity of what would go down in the event of some sort of hijacking. Virtually zero security screening of passengers or baggage from check-in to boarding. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what you think you'd do. Of course there are countless possibilities and scenarios, but for this matter lets say you're inbound for KLAS and someone flashes a gun and tells you to land near a terminal or somewhere in the
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