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  1. Thank you for the clarification sir. Looks like its not the end of the line for me just yet. Long road ahead though!
  2. Ok, I found both documents, however, they don't exactly match. Attached are screenshots of each. If you don't mind, in your experience which regulation tends to hold more weight?
  3. I took ADHD meds until I was 19 and that prevented me from joining the military when I was younger. I'm 30 now but my doc put me back on Adderall 2yrs ago, however I've read multiple articles saying the military has eased its stance on ADHD in the past few years. I've read specifically that the Army now only requires you to be off ADHD meds for at least the past 12 months but you have to show how you have done in life while off meds, either by school grades or work performance. If you were taking ADHD meds at any point during the last 3 years prior to those 12 months, you must provide medical records to MEPs before arriving. At that point your MEPs physician will look for signs of ADHD and if he's satisfied he can clear you with no waivers being needed OR he can request an eval from a psychologist and that meeting will basically determine if you get a waiver or not. My dilemma is I spoke to an Army Recruiter recently and he said he had no idea what I was talking about and the last change involving ADHD was in 2010 and basically if you took any meds for it after your 14th birthday you're still DQ'd. Now I know this isn't accurate because even just from searching this forum I have found a few individuals who have received ADHD waivers recently. I also found the Army's Aeromedical Checklist on ADHD and it does say waivers are possible but it's last revised date was in 2005 so I'm still not 100% clear with the Army's stance on this. Since this is literally a make it or break it issue for me, I feel like I need to get a straight answer from someone official on this before diving too deep into this WOFT packet and end up wasting time and resources for something I medically can't qualify for. So with that said, as a civilian who can I talk to about this? Should I contact my local MEPs? Try to find an Army Flight Surgeon? Contact someone at Ft Rucker directly? Just looking for some guidance here. Thanks!
  4. Noted! I'll try to get it scheduled at Rucker when its time. Thanks!
  5. Since my question is on this topic, i'll post here instead of starting a new thread. Does the flight physical have to be performed by an Army flight surgeon or can one from another branch perform it? I live close to Keesler Air Force base and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans that's home to many different aviation units and I'm just wondering if I could get this done at either of these locations. If not, I'm only 5 hrs from Rucker and 4 hrs from Polk so it's not that big of an issue. -Richard
  6. I can't give you a direct answer on that since I'm not an Army official but my educated guess is that no, you wouldn't be allowed in the program. You could submit anything you want but without all of the listed basic requirements I highly doubt it would even be looked at much less accepted. I personally wouldn't waste my time or the time of anyone else submitting an incomplete packet. You said you already have 8 college credits so at this point you only need 7 more. Like Mike said above, just go take some summer classes at your local community college (make sure its accredited) and you'll be fully qualified education wise. -Richard
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but as of right now, you don't qualify. Like mentioned above, since you have a GED you need at least 15 college credits for the WOFT program (IDK if it's still needed for a basic enlist or not). I'm surprised your recruiter didn't tell you this. Look under "Basic Requirements" http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/woft.shtml You can find AR 601-210, 2-7c (7) here, (It's pg 7 after the roman numerals) http://www.militaryatheists.org/regs/ArmyReg601-210v2007.pdf FWIW - I also have a GED and i'm currently pursuing a degree to not only meet the requirements but also have a good back up plan incase i'm not selected or to put to use after I serve.
  8. Block 10 of the DA-160-R wants you to write down your top 3 duty stations. I realize this is only to make yourself feel good as they will put you where ever they want/need you but does anyone have a list of all possible locations you might be stationed at? Thanks!
  9. Just wanted to ask if this guide is still pretty accurate for the most past? I know things can change often and seeing this hasn't been updated since 08/13 just has me wondering. Thanks!
  10. Hey, I'm looking into getting my private pilot license and wondering if any one has any experience with flight training in or around South Louisiana. Obviously Google gave me a few leads but I'm looking for first hand experience. I know it can get expensive but I don't mind driving a few hours from New Orleans into MS or even AL if it means better training than what I can get locally. Thanks!
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