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  1. Okay, thanks for the info. I thank everyone for chiming in. Im going to submit a packet regardless of the credit hours. If I dont get accepted, Im going to enlist as a 15t.( which I have no problem with as its my second choice in occupation) My one last question is would the 15 credit hours still matter once Im already in AD wanting to go WOFT?
  2. I mean like I said I have really strong LOR's in my opinion, solid asvab, and continuing to study hard for the sift. Would I not even be allowed to put in a packet because I dont have 15 college credits?
  3. Ive read about something called 'High school to flight school'? Highschoolers don't have college credits right? Am I missing something? The reason I cant pump out the last few credits is because I currently work a full time job to pay bills and I cannot go to community college while working full. I work 12 hours a day so that I could pay for rent and necessities.
  4. So basically Im going to meps next month as a 15t. Still can't get rid of the pilot bug. My recruiter said he will help me submit a packet after ait and when im at my unit. 1. How long will the pilot shortage last? 2. When I submit my packet after ait, will it still matter that I dont have 15 credits? 3. Does it really matter if I go into aviation mos as I do already have a few recommendations already? 4. Will I have to extend my contract or will I get a new one if selected?
  5. Can i still submit my packet and really polish all the other sections and hope for the best? Or would I not even be allowed to submit it? Ive met with warrant officers and have some good recommendations.
  6. You guys are giving me hope! haha Im going to ask my recruiter to help with a packet.
  7. Hello everyone, I am a civilian 28 years old wanting to put in a packet for WOFT. I am highly motivated and dedicated to pursuing this career before I am too old. But my stats are not that great... I have a GED with 8 credits. It was two 4 credit classes because I played college sports. My ASVAB scores are in the 80s. Im currently going to get laser eye surgery to meet the standards. Ive had a misdemeanor but my recruiter has gotten me a waiver for it. Ive been studying for the SIFT test for the past 4 months so am feeling very confident in that aspect. One plus that I have is that I am able to get a few LORs from a former influential congressman (A family friend,would write an in depth letter of my character), another former congressman who would attest to my character, former air force fighter pilot colonel, CW-2, CW-4. My recruiter is pushing me to enlist first as a 15T and put my packet in during active duty. I am not opposed to that but I just want to go to the route that is the highest percentage for me. I am willing to do anything to become an Army aviator before it is too late. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please be brutally honest with me.
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