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  1. Everyone I know just puts either their current unit or more than not they put Warrant Officer Career College
  2. Idk if youre AD air not, but the CW5 who recommended me a while back ago told me even though your battalion commander or company commander know you personally, they put a lot more emphasis on WHO wrote your SWO LOR
  3. Hey man if youre in Tennessee, idk how far from Campbell it is, but Im sure they have an extremely squared away CW5 at their Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB). Idk if you know much about military stuff but you should google 101 CAB and just ask the staff duty about meeting with the CCWO. But as others have said make sure they are ready to write the rec. meaning have your packet 100% complete otherwise as they wont put their name backing something that wouldnt be complete
  4. Welcome to the Army. Youre lucky you were allowed to pick anything whatsoever E: that came off rude. Not meant to be
  5. Day 1 of OSUT youd be slamming your head out of sheer irritation
  6. Youve been selected and received a date and considering enlisting instead?
  7. The board doesnt review waivers. I believe its HRC that reviews and approves/denies those
  8. Thanks for the input. Ive been trying to explain to my wife different things this can offer our lives other than QOL over what it is now but I dont really know how to research it all yet haha
  9. Please excuse the ignorance of the question if it is, I havent left for WOCS yet but will be soon. I dont exactly know which certs are available for civilians but does graduation flight school get you any FAA certs? Again - this is probably worded terribly and Im sorry. I have no aviation experience but dying to know what will be the outcome other than flying for the army and fridge bitch. Also Im not looking to go to civilian airlines as Im coming close to my halfway mark in my career haha
  10. Hey Barney, I am waiting for WOCS (AD) and Ive had the question of my physical ending. I asked the flight surgeon and he said 18 months from stamp date but I personally thought 18 months from start. What was your experience? Because Ill graduate WOCS with about a week left of my physical from STAMP DATE
  11. Yeah man. Im happy for everyone else but Im getting kinda bothered at the same time lol. But again - its good for everyone that theyre getting selected
  12. It takes a month or so to get a set answer and he wait times between selection and PCS are around 6-12 months
  13. I know a warrant is a commissioned officer but at the 1-2 level I dont think they take too much part in planning and instead conducting operations. Honestly its kind of a silly argument altogether.. infantry officers are generally just upset that they got the top sought over branch and ended up regretting it Also I know plenty of infantry officers who have never met an aviator in their career. They usually do not speak to them much if at all until ~company command or staff time
  14. Id say for pilots specifically that they would lean towards the enlisted side due to doing the work that is planned. But when commissioned officers try to talk sh*t to me I just remind them that a commission just means youll be sucking for years and your job always has to come first and Im allowed to enjoy myself after work E: but its always in good fun. I wouldnt really talk down to them like that
  15. I think President Obama made WO1 a commissioned tank as well but I havent done any actual research and just saw it on reddit one time
  16. That info should be for any time you request an interview with a CW3-5 Luckily my BC and my CWOB were good friends which I didnt know about. I was waiting on my BC letter when I asked for an interview and told him my BC name and that was pretty much my interview haha. Knocking on that CWOB door is in my opinion and many others, the best option
  17. If youre AD, you walk up to the CAB and knock and ask
  18. 41% holy sh*t. Looking like enlisting first might actually be a decent idea
  19. Idk if the CAB is in Stewart or benning but Id suggest going to the CAB and knocking on the CW5 door and asking for an interview. I make that suggestion because thats what myself and a lot of others have done. If its at benning then Id just request a 4 day pass and call the CAB there and request an interview for the Monday. Its the best and easiest way to go about it
  20. I do the warble tones, thats was put me from H3 to H2. That was during my spoken words test which I scored 100% on haha. The audiologist knows I can hear people and objects etc but I obv have tinnitus. Do hearing test people typically do warble if you ask? Ive been at the same audiologist for a while and she knows me (shes actually an audiologist for deploying national guard people) I dont like to listen to people sometimes because I couldnt care about what theyre saying and its nice to blame it on tinnitus
  21. Hey all, Im active on these forums and figured Id go ahead and throw a question that may get some subjective answers. I am going to wocs early next year and my initial class 1 flight physical was given an ETP for H2 hearing loss. For many years throughout the army I had been denied many things due to my H3 hearing, and during the flight physical I did a lot to work on my hearing and ended up scoring the minimum for H2 which was ETPd at Rucker. I talked to my audiologist the other day and have an appointment with her but she is convinced Ill be back on H3 since the ringing in my ears has been worse (due to a sinus infection but I think I just never really noticed) I will see in a few weeks how my test goes though. She wants to get me hearing aids. Does anybody know aviators that have made it through with hearing aids? I have been denying them because of my flight physical already being waived. I guess my question is - should I be worried as this is waived at H2? The ringing doesnt effect my hearing and I pass all audiologist tests like words and speech with 100% accuracy. Just cant hear the high pitch beeps.
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