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  1. I am looking to purchase a Robinson R44 and hanger it in the NYC area (somewhere in Long Island or one of the nearby Jersey airports like Linden, Caldwell, Lincoln Park, etc). Interested in one or more serious partners to co-own the aircraft with. Please let me know if you're interested!
  2. Hi voyagerB, thanks for posting about this, I was actually about to make a very similar post as my first post on this forum (I've been a lurker for years). As a 20-something year old very close to my PPL, and highly considering a career change, this is something I'm very concerned about. As expected, there are a lot of people instantly being dismissive. But I think it's foolish to instantly dismiss eVTOLs having a significant impact on the market. Uber is working with the right people regulation wise as well - they had the acting administrator of the FAA at their Uber Elevate summit yesterday! And he sounded quite supportive. As well as partnerships with Bell, Army research lab, and other manufacturers. Clearly, these guys know more about the feasibility of making this happen than we do. I'm fairly confident that in the next 5-10 years, we will see their vision start to take off. The question for someone young looking to enter this career like me though is - how soon until eVTOL and autonomous aircraft starts having a big impact on the employee-ability of helicopter pilots? What happens if there's suddenly a huge oil crisis? I'm nervous about these things. I think it may happen sooner than most people think. The pace of technology is moving MUCH faster than it was twenty plus years ago.
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