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  1. NOTOR or tail rotor, which is better?

  2. To Eric Hunt, I never did say I didn't have much flight time. I just stated this would be my first purchase, however you do make a valid point.
  3. I did consider looking at the EC/H130. If I would get one I would like o get the optional flip up aft seats as in the as350. Have to admit a lot of elbow room. I can see where it would be effective in search and rescue. You have four doors for spotters and pilot sits in the middle concentrating on flying. The one thing I do lie about Airbus is the one button push to start them. I know the 429 starts like that now but at 6 to 8 million? Yeeessssh!
  4. I want to thank everybody for their sound impute. I appreciate your experience and sound wisdom. The only other thing I could ask is a reference to a reputable broker or dealer. Or some one who might have both models and would be replacing them for newer. New always sounds good and new car smell is great but again this is first purchase and I could always upgrade if this works out. May God bless you all
  5. To the pilots that have flown L4 and AS30/H125 if you were to make a choice to which you would personally own what would be your choice and why? I definitely do not want to waist my time looking at aircraft and getting caught up in the pizazz of an aircraft when I don't know the facts and most important, the pilots thoughts and experience.
  6. I had some old brochures and a thick manual where you could pull the seats for cargo. Maybe they stopped that option?!
  7. I understand the H125 is made in the U.S. Would that mean support would be good and at least be made by Americans? I know Bell is made in Canada. It won't stop me from making a wise decision though. I also know I'll have to try them, I just want to do my homework before I spend a few bucks on airfare, hotel and so forth. Thanks
  8. In my original post I was looking for advice on personal helicopter. It would be my first purchase. I did the research and there are many that has potential. MD helicopters are nimble and fast but cramped for space so that's out. I am familiar with Bell but that's about it. The first time I had seen an as350 I fell in love with it but never flew in it. The AW119 seems to have everything that I liked but it's made oversea and I'm concerned about support. It looks like a choice between Bell Longranger/407 or AS350/H125. How do they compare? Thanks
  9. I failed to mention I am an EMT and I plan to say to anyone if they wanted to get to a hospital or clinic right away I would take them but I assume no responsibility other that. Then I would leave it up to them. Waiver is a good idea
  10. Thank you Mr. Hunt You make sense but if someone is hurt and hurt badly and they ask for help and for a quick ride how can you say no?! Not planning on charging. How is it different from a vehicle and helicopter when it comes to a ride? I will definitely talk to insurance agent
  11. Makes sense. Didn't give thought to maintenance in that sense. I know bell, from all the research I'm getting looks like Longranger is the way to go. Thank you
  12. Everything! Anything that has to be moved. There's an area about 10 to 15 miles from town where there's dirt bikers, horse back riding, ect. Every now and then somebody gets hurt. Because an ambulance takes so long to get to these remote areas some are forced to be placed in the back of a pickup truck. Four wheelers are not exactly smooth. I want my own helicopter and I did my research. I know the Bo is a workhorse. Never seeing one in person I didn't know anything except what I read. I'm familiar with Bell, MD, a little on AS350 and Robinson.
  13. I was thinking about looking to purchase a Bo 105. I know they are an older aircraft and parts might be an issue, are they worth checking into? Also I understand if need to the aft seat can fold down. Is that one seat and if possible are there 50 50 split or 60 40? Thanks
  14. I was talking to a rep from Aerospatiale helicopter back in the 80's, he had told me that if need to the co-pilot seat can come out and be stored in the baggage compartment in the unlikely event that it would be needed to put a stretcher in. I understand the new ones you can't do that. Can the co-pilot seat be placed sideways behind the pilots seat?
  15. How is the ride or feel of the 407 vs 206-L? Also vibration comparison? How do they compare period? Any opinion which might be better? Which is the better work horse disregarding creature comfort? Not worried about cushy seats.
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