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  1. Report date tentatively is 11 Feb 2019. Start date is 21 Feb 2019
  2. They do, but like you said since most of the guys are street to seaters thats why I have a mini group going. Its more so just a bit informational, topic discussion and getting to know fellow classmates.
  3. Hey guys, I created this topic for any possible WOC for class 19-008, I currently have a small group going. Message me and Ill add you to it. Thanks
  4. I was picked up, and everyone regardless of rank or MOS is required a moral waiver if they have any unfavorable action from their past.
  5. You are so wrong with this it physically hurts. Even if he went active duty then applied, he would still need a waiver for anything he did in his life that may or may not be on his judicial record.Do your research before you post and give false hope.
  6. Depending on the class date and type of class you have, whether it be 5 week or 7 week will determine if you have DL to complete prior. Read any emails sent to you multiple times over. For example, while I will be in a 7 week course, Im slotted in ATTRS for the course but will not have any DL. That is unless they decide to send me to a 5 week course. Hope that relatively answers your question FlightWing.
  7. Im class 19-008 as well. Simpsj and myself have already contacted each other.
  8. Any AD guys from the July board get a class date yet? It's been a month. I know it says 30-60 days but the anticipation is killing me. I'm lower enlisted so I will be going to school on the 7 week course. Anyone else on here in the same boat I am?
  9. Would anyone be willing to read, review and offer constructive criticism of my current Resume for the July board? I was FQ-NS and would like some opinions. Please PM me, and I will send it to you directly. Thank you very much!
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