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  1. Just so I make sure I understood this completely. Regardless of rank my pay will be that of an E-5 while at WOCS? Thanks
  2. Yep Ill be there! Looks like its the full 7 weeks.
  3. Does the army help move you to rucker after WOCS? IE pay for moving truck etc?
  4. The SCRA is a godsend for those in/going into the military. I have been able to reduce my credit card interest rates to 6% or less in addition I hope to terminate my car lease when I enter active duty. I am going to basic training Jan 15th then to WOCS in April. My plan is to terminate my car lease in early December. Will going to WOFT qualify me for the 180 day requirement to terminating my lease? The other requirements being going OCONUS or deploying overseas. Has anyone going into WOFT had any experience with terminating their car lease? Thanks!
  5. Selected July Board 2018 Age: 28 GT: 127 SIFT: 54 APFT: 273 Bachelors Degree, Exercise Science: - 3.2 GPA LOR: CW3, Veteran Aviator/EMS Pilot, Lt Col USAF Flight: None Physical: stamped, no waivers Moral waivers: None
  6. This wait is driving me nuts! I'm expecting the USAREC board to convene on the 23rd. Can anyone clarify when the board is for civilians this month? Thanks!
  7. I got called up to do my board interview last month (civilian). When can civilians expect to hear back? My recruiter can't give me an answer. I'm going to assume the USAREC board is in July? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  8. I just submitted my packet 2 weeks ago along with doing my board interview last week (civilian side). Does this mean I have to wait till July to hear if I get selected? I have been hearing and reading conflicting information. Thanks!
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