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  1. My waiver has been submitted to the Army I just have to wait 3-6 months for it to get approved (is what they told me), what I was saying is that I already have a waiver for the exact same thing through the Navy but the Army does not accept waivers from other branches. Also my conditional release from the Marine Corps expires between those 3-6 month and that took me 5 months to get approved. I know there are a million different things I could do if I really wanted this bad enough, but with so many factors fighting against me and it already having taken so much time away from my current job I cant keep this process going for two years.
  2. I was prescribed albuterol as a kid for cross country races when it was cold, I told the Navy doc about it when I joined the Marines and I got the waiver approved in 2010 but the Army does not recognize flight waivers from other branches. Ive done a flight physical every year since 2010 and have had absolutely no issues, but life has a plan and that plan for me I guess didnt include being an Army warrant.
  3. Maserrato, my situation is a little different than normal. since I serve in an aviation squadron the structuring is a little different than a ground side unit, but I recieved my LORs from my OIC (CWO3), my fitrep reviewing Officer (major), an Army CWO4 Pilot (required for LOR and approval of your packet) and my CO (LtCol). I dont think the rank of the person writing the LOR matters as much as their ability to vouch for your character and work ethic. A great LOR from an LT is better than a generic LOR from a LtCol. Unfortunately the flight physical seems to be where my journey ends, Ive been a crew chief on V-22s for 9 years but the Army wont approve a waiver that the Navy has already approved. Good luck with your application and feel free to ask any questions, I got 99% there so I may have some answers.
  4. I'm shooting for this board as well, about 99% complete with the packet. Age: 26 GT: 131 SIFT: 54 APFT: 291 Flight Physical: finishing up Friday(been getting one for the last 6 years for USMC, should be no problem) Flight time: 1,286 hours MV-22 Crew Chief LOR: AD CW4, O-4 MV-22 pilot, O-5 MV-22 pilot, O-5 MV-22 pilot. 8 years AD USMC, SGT. 38 college credits, no degree, 4.0 GPA I'll pray its not just me and you Mcwilli, if it is I'm screwed!
  5. I completely agree, I think every service should have some ammount of warrant aviators. Id stay in the Marines if they had it.
  6. Magnus017 I do not have a degree yet, I got about halfway there then life got busy, but Ill start up again soon. The conditional release got approved so now I just have to finish the flight physical and I should be good to submit in July. Thanks for reaching out, I will definitely ask if I run into any problems.
  7. Thanks for everyones advice! I am trying my best to submit as soon as I can, but as most of the inter service guys know there are always road blocks that are out of your hands. I actually got a call today from MAW (wing command) saying the commanding general wanted to make sure I considered trying The Marine Pilot route or other possible officer routes, and hopefully after explaining why Im going Army the CG will sign off on it and foreword to HQMC for final approval. I guess understandably the Marine Corps doesnt want to let go of its people when its already having a hard enough time keeping them in. On a better note I completed my APFT today and got a 291, so now I just need to take the SIFT and complete the flight physical and then Ill just be waiting on the conditional release to submit. Again thank you to all that have replied and privided input, it is truly appreciated and please keep providing any information that you think may be useful to me or anyone else conducting a conditional release.
  8. Thanks for your input BM1 (I hope the crayon reference was intentional, about every Marine threw a party when the crayola ice cream came out). I might be over thinking this, but I want to limit the chances of scrutiny of things in my control. Due to the total grey area surrounding an inter service transfer and the lack of concrete information about it (at least in my expierence) I figured a question not asked is a missed opportunity for a more competitive package.
  9. Hello all, I have been lurking for quite some time on here but being that an inter-service transfer is such a particularly case by case scenario I have not been able to answer my questions through previous posts. I am 90% complete with my application and am hoping to apply for the September 2018 board, and Im trying to make sure that everything is perfect. Since I am currently in the Marines the majority of my supporting documentation is formatted in standard naval formatting, which includes my LORs (excluding the CWO LOR), security clearance verification, tattoo validation, statement of understanding... basically everything thats not a pre-formatted adobe document. I decided to use naval formatting because frankly its the only formatting that I have expierence with and the documents that I needed from other Marines are also in that formatting, so I wanted at least to have standardization within my package. Does anyone think that having naval formatting for supporting documents will be an issue for the board? While I still have my own questions about the process I have also acquired a ton of information regarding the specifics of an inter-service transfer, so if anyone out there is attempting the same process and has questions please feel free to ask me and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Age: 26 Rank: Sgt USMC, 8yrs ASVAB/GT: 89/ 131 SIFT: scheduled June 8, 2018 APFT: scheduled June 1, 2018 (Marine PFT: 275) Flight Physical : TBD (No waivers for Marine flight physical) Flight time: 1,286 hrs MV-22B osprey Crew Chief, Low Altitude, Night Systems, Tail Gun, and squadron standardization instructor. LOR: current CWO4 Army, LtCol MV-22 Pilot(USMC), LtCol MV-22 pilot(USMC), Maj MV-22 Pilot (USMC).
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