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  1. Hello all I've been lurking on this forum for months. Lots of great advice that's been extremely helpful throughout my WOFT application process. Officially submitted my packet last Friday. I've got a question that I've been searching for, and can't seem to come up with any answers (maybe for good reason). Let me preface this by saying that I know a lot of what goes on during SERE training is confidential. However, this is something that's been a cause of anxiety for me so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've got a relatively moderate case of claustrophobia. I've heard a lot of horror stories (a lot of which probably are untrue or exaggerated) about SERE school. I have absolutely no issues in small areas like elevators, small closets - even something coffin sized doesn't bother me. My anxiety stems from being in a situation where i'm enclosed in something much smaller where my body needs to be contorted to be inside (I'm 6'3). Is this something that will completely prevent me from completing SERE? Would I be dropped from the program? I realize that this fear is totally irrational, especially in a regulated training environment, but nonetheless it's something that I get to near panic attack level just imagining while sitting in my own living room. It's essentially consumed all of my thoughts for the past several weeks. I've gone as far as "constructing" a box to practice putting myself into to produce an uncomfortable, panic educing mental state to try to incrementally quell my fears and get myself comfortable being uncomfortable. I really want to be an aviator for the Army. I've worked really hard to put together a packet that I'm proud of. I've researched endlessly about the program and want nothing more than to have my shot...which is why this problem is so disconcerting for me. I know a lot of you are probably thinking, "If you really wanted it, you wouldn't let something so minor get in your way." I agree whole heatedly, but this anxiety is something I'm really stumped over. Any opinions, positive or negative, are welcome.
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