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  1. If I am not mistaken....I believe that we will see the schedule around July....
  2. Kona is correct....getting dates are tough for street to seat. It took me 8 months after being accepted for me to actually get a date. The NGB is not the easiest to deal with, but there are states that are pushing it pretty hardcore right now. Alaska being one of those!
  3. The civilian vs guard side can be a finicky mistress, but it can treat you well. There are others with more experience than I, but so far it has been good. Now my civilian employer is bringing me back on when I get out of flight school, but not every case is that. Keeping flight minimums will be the biggest issue, but manageable. What state are you looking at?
  4. would you recommend any type of studying before hand? I know you cant do anything during BCT and WOCS, but before one ships, is it something you would do or go back and do?
  5. Does your "unofficial" source have the FY20 dates yet?
  6. I have a class start date of Oct 22....so I would imagine that is the 2nd class for the FY
  7. Do it. You will most likely get a signing bonus, time in the unit, and knowing the people who you will be around for the next 6 years will be worth the 1 year. The way the NGB does street to seat slots is difficult and takes some time (mine took 18 months). There is a guy I know who is enlisting as a 15R and already got the go ahead for getting a flight school slot. My opinion, is see if they will go ahead and board you, do all the necessary due-diligence, and ask them to go ahead and offer a slot for the next FY. Worst thing they can say is no. But get ready for a ride if you stick with the Street to Seat side.....the NGB can be difficult to navigate.
  8. I have a 08/06 BCT date too, but at Benning. With a WOCS date of 10/22.....see you there!
  9. That is quite an experience.....because in SC, I did not do that at all. I did partial labs (since I was not in the military, they would not pay for it). Also, I had to submit from my own paid for Eye exams, rest of blood work, and one more thing I cannot remember....but jokes on them, I didn't pay for medical because I come from a family of doctors and I am a mooch! Other than that, be prepared for a long road. I know CA has a great reputation with the Street to Seat from what I have read, but it IS a LONG road. I was accepted in June 18 and just got my dates 2 weeks ago. If you have any questions please let me know!
  10. They are phasing out the 64D classes......got a buddy who is an IP for 64s asked him last week, because of the selections as of late have had practically no 64D shown!
  11. So each State (For Guard Route) from my understanding has been given a certain amount of slots per year for Flight School. While I have gone through my Board Review (July) and FEDRECd (August), I have been given a starting flight school date. Even though I have a flight school date, I do not have dates for BCT and WOCS....This is where NG WOFT can be a pain in the ass! Ask mike0031.... As a NG WOFT Street to Seat....you belong to the NGB in Washington, until you finish flight school, you aren't released to your State. One way around that is this.....you enlist, bct, ait(or OSUT), BLC, then WOCS ----->>>Flight School.... Now this way adds time onto your timeline, but if your state is in high need of pilots (SC is in desperate need of 64 pilots right now). It is a quick transition....a guy in my state had to take this route because he didn't want to wait.....5 days after OSUT, he was transferred to the aviation unit and went to BLC then to WOCS. Now THIS guy belongs in his entirety to the SC Guard....so any question he has, he gets in touch with the WOSM and gets those questions/issues answered.
  12. Each state does vary...I am a street to seat guy for my state and I still haven't gotten any dates other than a Flight School date. I have been speaking to guys and they are saying the street to seat for guard isn't the greatest, because you are dealing with the NGB (can be a pain in the ass)....A route I am considering is enlisting, OSUT, BLC, then to WOCS.....But nothing is guaranteed....so it really depends. The Guard makes it very tough....but one guys who went the alternate route, said if you have a family....wait....I will wait for my slot and the NGB to get back to me!
  13. Just had a long conversation with my WOSM. This is apparently a reoccurring issue from year to year with the NGB. Apparently every year, they have to redo the orders and it is MEPS that apparently drags it on. They are apparently diligently working on it. Its frustrating because they always said it, but he did state that he does feel like they were working on it.....not sure if I believe him since its a boy who cried wolf situation. I will continue to wait....I already spent half of 2017 and all of 2018 getting packet and necessary items needed. I want to do this....I will do this..... Patience is a bitch though!
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