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  1. About to go hang out with Geronimo here at JRTC. See you all on flip side and hopefully we all get selected
  2. Sent some last minute updates in today. Headed to JRTC so hopefully good news this time around coming out of the box.
  3. Round two was FQ-NS for November Age: 28 GT: 118 SIFT: 54 APFT: 292 Military: Active duty E-6, 7 years TIS Mil experience: no flight time, 1 operational deployment, 4 duty stations. Civ Ed: 38 hours, 3.66 GPA Physical: stamped no waivers LOR: O-3 CDR, O-5 BN CDR, CW3 UH-60 Pilot, CW5 MH-47 Pilot w/160th
  4. Well officially not selected. Happy Friday and congratulations to all who did get selected!
  5. Long wait to find out if I'm officially NS. Wonder what the issue is
  6. Got the word also FQ-NS as well. Milper should drop today or tomorrow. I'll take all the help the community can give for fixing up my packet. Not sure where exactly I went wrong, thought I had don't decent stats and packet.
  7. Apparently some say non select so with it not changing maybe it's still to early. My guy didn't say if it was still on board ready just that there was no status update and not to worry to much.
  8. Wouldn't that be some sh*t if only three of us didn't make it. Did she say it's unusual or anything? Recruiter I talked to said it wasn't good or bad news that it just hadn't been updated to select or non select. I'm conflicted cause on one hand that doesn't mean non select so far which is good, but then why isn't it update to select or something. I'll be stressing all weekend.
  9. Got ahold of a recruiter, apparently there's no update on my status which makes me significantly less hopeful.
  10. So talked to a recruiter here who got an email today saying the milper will probably come out next week. Unfortunately he does have access to the system to see what my status was either.
  11. Any specific regional recruiter that is helpful?
  12. Anyone else on the struggle bus waiting for the list? I had a long 3 day weekend to think over every possible error in my packet.
  13. So you think the week after Thanksgiving?
  14. So when do we think the MILPER is going to be published? With Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday being a DONSA.
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