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  1. How many posts are we going to get in the exact and things. Can we make a mega thread for all things 10 year adso
  2. Things I want to know: Whats your MOS/rank and how has this prepared you to be a WO/pilot. What assets do you bring to the table that would improve the cohort. Qualitative and quantifiable things you've done that sets you apart from other candidates, makes you a good pick for WO. What shows that you are able to operate at an increased position of trust and responsibility. Have you completed and further education that can set you apart. Most of what I see above is very generic, I could attach anyones name to this and it would still apply. Dive deeper and sell yourself. Out of everything in my packet this is what I struggled the most with. I was a FQ-NS my first go around and I attribute it mostly to a summary that was short and didn't sell myself and everything that I bring to the table. Redid the whole thing, expanded on a lot and was selected.
  3. Information on wocs graduations has been posted. No reception or public graduation
  4. Just got my date 1 July! WOBC 9 Oct
  5. I accidentally just got put on orders to Hawaii FML. Thinking about calling and and asking for the earliest for WOCS, anyone know if there would be any success in asking for the earliest date available?
  6. So branch got back to us, long story short essentially gonna meet back up post flight school unless something magically opens up.
  7. Interesting. I'm on my 4th duty station and have never spent more than 24 at any given one including two conus. Not saying it's right but branch can/used to MOS dependent put you on assignment as soon as you were eligible.
  8. Yo same question here! Branch manager isn't answering his phone so can't help with much. Have you tried calling her branch and seeing what they can do?
  9. My original summary was near 400 words and I was FQ-NS for November. Redid my summary to near 800 words new da photo, erb and was selected. I can send you my stuff if that would help
  10. Selected second look! Thank you to everyone who assisted in revamping my packet, looks like it made a difference.
  11. The struggle is real waiting for this list
  12. About to go hang out with Geronimo here at JRTC. See you all on flip side and hopefully we all get selected
  13. Sent some last minute updates in today. Headed to JRTC so hopefully good news this time around coming out of the box.
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