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  1. Dang I have to go back in the closet? Let me tell the other gays here 😂
  2. Hasn't the DOR reset been a thing coming very soon for the past how many years? And now with covid my bubbles have been pretty big between everything. Got here early June and havnt started common core yet. With more time here by the time I get to my first duty station maybe 4 months till I get ready for cw2
  3. There some articles written on the program that explain it out there on the googles
  4. Have you contacted anyone at HHC yet? The number is usually somewhere on the welcome packet, if you need someone to break it down they can help
  5. I agree the land nav course for me was easy but even our class stuck to the average failure rate of 25% first time and 10% double fail.
  6. Make sure you are solid on land nav using terrain association and not dead reckoning, land nav is essentially the only thing that takes people out of the course.
  7. I'm waiting for Sere currently, been told beginning of the year. Get with mr Johnson the hold PL and he should help you out
  8. Uh i run like 16 or so on the ACFT. Down here ACFT is in full effect as APFT is dead. We had one dude in my class who literally had broken his back like 9 months prior so pt really isn't crazy. What is miserable is doing 4 for the core on pavement with tiny pebbles now that did suck. Fire ants as well, ensure you look before getting down.
  9. I was there in July during covid times, like others have said the first day is really the only bad day of pt and yes all you got to do is not stop. I'm a slow boy and had no problems. The first week you'll do pt and then maybe 10ish more times the rest of the course most likely.
  10. If you Google wocs packing list the first result is from the USAWOCC CAC website. There is a may 2020 version so look for that one. Also can be found on the WOCC milsuite page under the wocs pages.
  11. WOCS you are in barracks 2-3 to a room, you live there day in day out its a great time. You can move your family prior to wocs if you want, its going to be based on your situation. You PCS here so all the same rules apply except now a quarantine also, still same ol same ol.
  12. Dang when did it go back to 14? How's your Netflix binge going
  13. WOCS, WOBC, SERE, Common, advanced Significant amount of online training for wocs and wobc. I'm still waiting for Sere but there's a backlog but they're working through it. Common core will have a blend of classes. Virtual and in person stuff. I live on post and currently enjoy the quick access to b Co for random stuff and 5 min drive to pt. Edit: quarantine when getting here is 7 days currently. Once you hit B Co, expect a couple more quarantines. If anyone is sick with anything, quarantine. Near someone who had a bad cough? Quarantine. It's not bad though lots
  14. A group of 80ish skipped sere for now and will go to common core and sere after to bring the wait down. No one from my wocs group and adjacent classes has gone to sere yet and we finished in early August
  15. Overall selection numbers. Includes RLO also, dont know breakdown for warrant only.
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