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  1. Interesting I think it was either 3 and change or 4 weeks for me with 5 for BI
  2. That's BWS. Which how it was a few months ago when I finished common core.
  3. Exactly. Warrant news network. Worst comes to worst if all these students reach out to their congressional reps I'm sure it would at least get suspended for a while. Aka ACFT style
  4. I've been here going on a year and half and never heard it in person. There is currently no published policy regarding TIG reset
  5. Is this that same policy that's be rumored for years and the CWOB keeps telling everyone. I have yet to have a single briefing where this has been mentioned here
  6. You will receive and email that you will have an RFO available on AIM. You can also check aim on your own to see if you're bored
  7. The *** Mandatory documents for every application *** at the top of the page and then the LOR highlighted with the same three asterisks would mean it is mandatory.
  8. You already posted a topic once on this before.
  9. I had very very similar stats on my board just different MOS, also fq-ns first go but select on second. I redid my bio to really sell my years of experience more and took another da photo as well as an additional LOR.
  10. For wocs terrain association all day, only used the compass once. You get a class or two in map reading and interpretation but not nav itself so ensure you know how to figure out attack points and back stops. Sere land nav dead reckon especially at night
  11. Yeah basically from what I understand cause the active is by active needs.
  12. From the selection powerpoint: "Per USAACE policy, active duty officers and warrant officers select their advanced airframe based on the cumulative grades earned during the courses leading up to the completion of Common Core. USAACE G3 determines airframe MDS distributions. Compo 2/3 students are assigned aircraft by their owning state. MSC Students only fly HH-60s." (Aka 67J's) So active duty competes against each other O vs O/WO Vs WO but not O vs WO. NG/USAR/67J all should already know their advanced airframes and not really a factor, but kinda a factor. BN gets the stats for projected Army needs a day ahead or so and then everyone (active duty) is racked and stacked based on OML which the breakdown of that can be found on teams also. This is my best interpretation of everything I've seen and told from people in the pit.
  13. They are usually Thursday-ish give or take but yeah on Facebook. There's another one tomorrow
  14. two weeks ago ish Apaches - 9 Blackhawks - 16 Chinooks - 1 C12s - 3
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