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  1. If you Google wocs packing list the first result is from the USAWOCC CAC website. There is a may 2020 version so look for that one. Also can be found on the WOCC milsuite page under the wocs pages.
  2. WOCS you are in barracks 2-3 to a room, you live there day in day out its a great time. You can move your family prior to wocs if you want, its going to be based on your situation. You PCS here so all the same rules apply except now a quarantine also, still same ol same ol.
  3. Dang when did it go back to 14? How's your Netflix binge going
  4. WOCS, WOBC, SERE, Common, advanced Significant amount of online training for wocs and wobc. I'm still waiting for Sere but there's a backlog but they're working through it. Common core will have a blend of classes. Virtual and in person stuff. I live on post and currently enjoy the quick access to b Co for random stuff and 5 min drive to pt. Edit: quarantine when getting here is 7 days currently. Once you hit B Co, expect a couple more quarantines. If anyone is sick with anything, quarantine. Near someone who had a bad cough? Quarantine. It's not bad though lots of time for video games
  5. A group of 80ish skipped sere for now and will go to common core and sere after to bring the wait down. No one from my wocs group and adjacent classes has gone to sere yet and we finished in early August
  6. Overall selection numbers. Includes RLO also, dont know breakdown for warrant only.
  7. No should go wobc, sere, common, advanced. There was a small group who went wobc and being bumped to common core then sere.
  8. Yes quarantine, currently 7 days. I'm in a 2 month bubble for wobc, your milage will very. Sere bubble was 5-8 weeks I think but now is getting less. Bubbles for days enjoy the time off.
  9. I just had my flight physical here at rucker, gotta be short form style. Did some visual acuity tests and the usual hearing etc. Basically a full medpros and that's it. Some people needed follow ups, others skipped sections I did completely like no labs. Again your first is gonna be way more in depth
  10. Post WOCS you have 10 days of free leave essentially, if you need to leave the current restriction of 150 miles you'll need to submit an ETP. The duration between wocs and wobc can vary but currently in going on a month and a few weeks waiting for wobc. Hopefully get bumped up soon cause it was supposed to be two months between the two for me.
  11. How many posts are we going to get in the exact and things. Can we make a mega thread for all things 10 year adso
  12. Things I want to know: Whats your MOS/rank and how has this prepared you to be a WO/pilot. What assets do you bring to the table that would improve the cohort. Qualitative and quantifiable things you've done that sets you apart from other candidates, makes you a good pick for WO. What shows that you are able to operate at an increased position of trust and responsibility. Have you completed and further education that can set you apart. Most of what I see above is very generic, I could attach anyones name to this and it would still apply. Dive deeper and sell yourself. Out of everything in my packet this is what I struggled the most with. I was a FQ-NS my first go around and I attribute it mostly to a summary that was short and didn't sell myself and everything that I bring to the table. Redid the whole thing, expanded on a lot and was selected.
  13. Information on wocs graduations has been posted. No reception or public graduation
  14. Just got my date 1 July! WOBC 9 Oct
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