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  1. If your wait between WOCS and WOBC is extreme, they are moving back to letting guys knock out SERE during the wait. Your mileage may vary.
  2. They are still APFT Is there an easy way to get a pace count while jogging? I am almost dead on 100 paces per 100 meters but thats while walking.
  3. Newish policy, cant start with an interim clearance anymore. So I have to wait as they do the field investigation. Apparently this is quite common in the last few months with street to seat guys from what HHC told me. More time to prep for land nav I guess (which is done day 3 now because of how many candidates have been failing)
  4. First one. Ill give that a shot and see what I can do, appreciate your input.
  5. I dont believe so. Just waiting for the field investigation, it started in March. I believe that I was thorough in my 86 and have nothing more than traffic tickets.
  6. *Reads list* *Re-reads list* They misspelled UH60M like 10 times! You dont see that spread every day.
  7. Just found out my clearance hasnt come through yet. No WOCS for me, I couldnt be more aggravated.
  8. Nope some computer error has prevented me and a buddy from getting registered with milsuit or blackboard. Should be fixed, check security clearance status, and know by tomorrow. It sounds very unlikely we would start Wednesday with zero in processing done.
  9. Looks like I will likely be in 19-19. Just got here at Rucker, they say its too fast of a turnaround for us to jump into 19-18 which starts in a few days. Well see.
  10. I would not. The GT is insignificant compared to the other stats. Your massive APFT increase and LORs will carry you through just fine. Best of luck to you and everyone on this board. Eager to hear what happens with yall once Im back from basic.
  11. My two cents; thats a rational explanation but I would imagine there are still going to be guys that want 47s for the power and lack of LTE considerations. Still an incredibly capable airframe and desirable asset. Right? Opinions always open to change pending new information (such as the 47 upgrade hault, first I had heard of it)
  12. Swiss, Your recruiter missed step 5. The packet goes to the USAREC proponent at Ft Knox, before its sent to the board and receives a status. For what its worth, after my battalion QCd and sent it to Knox, mine sat for a 2 weeks before I got board ready status. In all likelihood your updates and packet will be good to go, but waiting to find out is the worst.
  13. For active duty guys, you generally find out about a week after the board ends. Board convenes on a Monday, they rank/sort AD packets Wed-Fri, expect to hear around the next Friday. Zona you are correct regarding civilians. Generally you'll hear around Wednesday or Thursday of the same week. As a point of reference for civilians, March board's results dropped at 3pm on Thursday. I found out results were out from VR and then called my recruiter to find out my fate. ______________________________________________________________ And thanks for the well wishes. I actually start very soon, shipping in 2 weeks. Most others from my board are starting in August, with some AD guys waiting as far out as Feb 2020 for WOCS. When I went to sign my contract at MEPS, I politely asked the DA liaison if he would if there any early dates. He said he was sure that they would be set in stone already, but said it never hurts to ask. We called a man over the phone (who sets up/determines your class dates?) and he asked for early dates on my behalf. To my surprise I was offered the first week of April, last week of April, first week of May. Slots created by DEP dropouts. For civilians wanting to get rolling, Id encourage you to do the same. I figured I would have no say, but also figured it doesn't hurt to ask. Cant get what you don't ask for. If there's no major holdups I could be flying late this year which is nuts in the best way.
  14. Oh the suffering is immense over this time frame. Here is my patented method that I used to get my mind off of selection during the wait. - Think incessantly about selection - Obsess over what you might have messed up in your packet - Compulsively refresh the VR website looking for any new info - Needlessly calculate an average of selection percentage rates from your month of selection over the last 5 years - Go to bed listening to a 10 hour audio loop of a UH60 in steady state flight - Check every May selection board post on VR to see what day and time results were dropped I empathize with you guys, the wait is agonizing. Try your best to focus on work, exercise, and hobbies. Obsessing over selection makes it far worse. ___________________________________________________ Here is a funny story to lighten the mood. After I was selected, I called up the CW4 who wrote me a letter of recommendation. I told him he was right and that I had been selected. What were the first words out of his mouth? "THEY'VE LOOOOOOWERED THE STAAAAAAANDARDS!!!" Thanks chief, lmao. I get a kick out of that every time I think about it, hopefully someone else will as well. Good luck to you guys!
  15. You have a rather specific case, its unlikely that another person on the forum has a specific experience pertinent to your situation. The best I can advise you is to create a strong packet and hope that a medical waiver for your IBS is approved. You have nothing to lose other than the time it takes to submit a packet. Take your time, study and physically train to max your scores. Make your packet undeniable in spite of that damned syndrome. Best of luck to you brother.
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