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  1. Been looking at these for 3 years. Finally time to post mine: Breakdown for AD Warrants AH-64 - 2 CH-47 - 1 C-12 - 0 UH-60 - everyone else Top guy picked a 60, 47 went next, then all 60s with the two Apaches going later down the OML.
  2. Pre covid time but also semi recently; Only 4 plus mile run was rifle PT day 0, which was pretty savage. Also there is a hill run at the end of a phase that was a struggle for some people. Other than that, we didnt really run all that much. Like Eyrk said, make sure you’re set on land nav. Especially if you’re street to seat, land nav is your biggest obstacle in WOCS.
  3. The active warrant breakdown from the above selection: Apaches: 6 Blackhawks: 10 Chinooks: 1 C12: 4
  4. I would regard any information from the POC themself as more reputable than any other sources. I hope everyone gets 6! That being said you seem to have a good mentality about it.
  5. Selected March, swore in 5 weeks later. My understanding is that you need to graduate WOCS by the end of this fiscal year to avoid the 10 year ADSO. I hate to break bad news for yall but per 4.B you’re not signing into a 6 year contract (As a WO1 and 153A) until after you finish your source of commission/appointment. The Deputy Commandant of the Warrant Officer Career college supplied me with this info. He was nice enough to reach out and get an answer for me when this news first dropped. However, that info is about a month old and they may have changed how this all plays out. That being said, plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  6. Selection for AD Warrants C-12 : 2 CH-47 : 4 AH-64 : 10 (approximately) UH-60 : 0 My friend got the last not-apache slot by 0.02 points out of 695 total.
  7. The Army needs pilots. *NEEDS* I saw a girl go through WOCS 4 times. Its just like the Chief who signed on to my packet said. I told him I was FQ-S and he simply screamed into the phone, “THEY’VE LOWERED THE STANDARDS!” You will be fine getting through SERE without offing an exceptionally cute bunny.
  8. Hey there pops, Here is an important question for you and your son. Do you think at 18 he lacks the aptitude to be a Warrant Officer, or do you two simply think he would not get selected? Here is food for thought. I know an 18 year old and a 20 year old (19 when he was selected) who are in flight training with me at this very moment. Both street to seat. The latter individual I know from this forum. Your son getting selected is not outside the realm of possibility depending on his relative maturity and aptitude. The Army *really* needs pilots right now. He could shoot for a 110 GT score - not a stretch from 104 - and qualify to apply for WOFT. I applied and was selected at 26. Looking back I wish I would have skipped college, tailored a year or two of my life towards becoming a good potential candidate, to get selected around age 20-21. With decent GT and SIFT scores, great PT scores and *a great essay and letters of recommendation* its at least feasible for him to be selected in the coming year or two. Whatever he decides to do, he needs to study for the best GT score possible. There are 4 sections of the ASVAB that comprise the GT score which can be specifically studied for. I only scored what I did by studying with specificity. Ill link those 4 sections below, feel free to message if you two have any questions. GT score formula: "The formula is 2VE+AR+MK. Your VE, or verbal expression, score is a combination of your paragraph comprehension and word knowledge scores (VE=PC+WK). That is then doubled and your arithmetic reasoning (AR) and mathematical knowledge (MK) score are added to that."
  9. Negative. Date of rank will reset to the day you graduate flight school. Thats been the word at the career college for a while now, in the works. Its a pretty easy equation for me. If they reset me, Im out after one ADSO. If not, Ill probably make a career out of the Army. I missed that 10 year ADSO thank god, Ill look to another branch or the civilian sector. Aviation is one of the most appealing career fields and the Army cant figure out how to stop the retention hemorrhaging other than to stab itself in the jugular.
  10. Crash nailed it. I networked off the web and was able to hunt down a couple great LORs without any prior connections within the military. Theres a lot of guys and gals out there willing to help.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. I like you enjoyed (over) analyzing any potential factor. Write a concise quantifiable essay about why you’re qualified to be a warrant officer and an aviator. Train to get a 280-300 APFT score (ACFT now?) Get solid LORs, and if you can try to get in the 60s+ club on the SIFT. Do that and you win a spot in flight school. Pro tip: Help write your letter of recommendation. Give your people a scaffold to build on. Nothing sucks more than *starting* an essay. Just because you have that swoopty CW5 writing your LOR doesnt mean he writes fantastic LORs (although they usually do) Best of luck, PM with any questions. Im no expert but Im happy to share what worked for me.
  12. Me and everyone I know in Common Core are losing their minds. As a street to seater, the jump to 10 isnt an easy calculation of, “Oh I need to hit retirement anyways.” This isn’t what I signed up for. Id rather have the option to do 6 and be incentivize to re-up. I dont see a scenario which they grandfather us in sadly.
  13. Active duty are on every board. The only thing Ive heard of thats on 2 boards a year is commissioned officers trying to revert to warrant.
  14. Sounds highly questionable. When you finish WOCS you get another flight physical, you wont fly without an up slip period. I doubt they’d just gamble and let people through without the initial one. Also, PT scores are one of the most heavily weighed parts of the packet. If I were you Id call other recruiting stations and try to verify this info.
  15. I could sign any NCOs name at the bottom of this essay and it could still make sense in context. It is too general. As stated above, you need some specific quantifiable content about why you are qualified for this program. You write pretty well but much like me when I wrote my first drafts, it was too wordy and idealistic. You want your ideals and morals to gently accent raw data that shows the board you will be a good warrant and pilot.
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