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  1. It did it automatically and it wasn’t a primary means but was a nice reminder.
  2. 17 December 2019 39 Blackhawks 7 Chinooks 5 Apaches
  3. I had a 42 man it’s just a qualifying factor that you passed so just put it in and go for it. I know people not selected with 60s so the packet quality is significantly more important.
  4. I used it in the th-67 course and having the cellular was awesome bc foreflight has reminders to get ATIS and call tower, the charts also updated automatically. No one seemed to care I was told by other IPs they really don’t care no one is going to make you pull up the model number and check it. Just make sure the charts are up to date.
  5. Axesteel I think you should try and get in touch with a army aviation unit and try and get an interview with at least a W4 to get a letter of recommendation. When you do the interview dress nice and get a haircut. All the guys 18 year olds in flight school with me at least had one Warrant Letter of recommendation.
  6. I live off Rucker blvd the rent is 850 for two bedrooms for military in my area
  7. Dont worry to much about blackboard they will sort you out at first woc
  8. ICL will not get approved as of right now. Its due to the effects the implant can have on your vision while flying.
  9. I can confirm you have to write two essays and the course is currently 5 weeks long. You will have time to write them during your inprocessing once you get here.
  10. I am in 19-008 and it was suppose to be a 7 week but was changed to a 5week so yes they are changing it.
  11. I personally made the switch and all I can say is try and save up 2 months worth of bills and expenses at least for the transition
  12. Overall it was difficult for me. But I still got selected with a 42 soft score so dont give up if you dont score great.
  13. I personally found a place to rent for my family for $835 a month. It is a 2 bedroom house in enterprise. So the pricing on housing off base isnt bad you just have to look. You can get more but I wanted bah to cover water electricity etc.
  14. Being overseas and sister service makes it even more complicated. If anyone is in that predicament please message me if you need help.
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