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  1. Hi everyone, I’m a Guard WO1, finally got a WOBC date for 24JAN21. I’m wondering if 18-24mo is still an acceptable estimate from start to finish? I know the WOBC-SERE Bubble was pretty long the last year or so. Does anyone have any idea what to expect? Thanks!
  2. Have you been in contact with any Aviation units in your state? They should be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. I would assume that since you got through MEPS and were able to enlist that it would be overlooked…just an assumption though. Different states and the people that are on the selection boards have different specific requirements for their flight packets. What state are you in?
  3. Likewise, looking forward to training too! I’m GA National Guard, I was selected in January and got a short fall slot to WOCS in February so I had to wait around for a date since everything for the FY was taken. Just got notice last week, I’m going in January.
  4. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes up, I’ll be headed to Rucker for WOBC/IERW in January.
  5. Yep, 5 weeks. I was there in March for 6 weeks because of a 1 week ROM.
  6. I graduated WOCS last week with Class 21-06, they are doing their best to make it as normal as possible. PCS-ers will do ROM at their house and everyone else will do ROM in a local barracks. Integration day/ Rifle PT is back in full swing, and there is a full PT schedule although you won't do PT everyday because 1st. WOC needs all available TACs for big events like Land Nav/ 10K/ etc. There are a ton of students and not a ton of TACs. We didn't see our tacs too often except in the DFAC, so make sure you are squared away and have water in your hydration source (camelbak). We did the ACFT the first week. We were issued laptops and took them back and forth from the school house to our rooms, but I think that is going away because laptops were getting broken in transit. All of our classes were virtual on blackboard so it's death by powerpoint 6-8 hours a day with a walk to the DFAC in the middle. We did temp checks everyday. We did a class sign but no car wash. It's a long 5 weeks but it isn't really hard as long as you work together with classmates and be cooperative.
  7. Awesome! Congrats! My date is contingent on another guy not getting a waiver. (Guard) I obviously want what's best for everyone, but I am kind of hoping he doesn't get it yet. 🤣
  8. I would also like to add that I learned a lot about how the rotor head works by watching this series of videos on helicopters from Destin of Smarter Every Day. His channel is awesome anyway, and he's a legit rocket scientist.
  9. This is great!! I tell everyone interested in WOFT that; yes! you need to study no matter how you did on the ASVAB, and to check out Helicopter Lessons in 10 Minutes or Less on Youtube, and take practice tests. Great write up. Congrats on the passing! I got a 52, wanted a 60, but people have been selected with a lot less.
  10. I'm a prior-Marine supposed to report on Feb1 for a Feb9 start date? Wonder if it's the same and the date they gave me is a day off?
  11. Hi, are you applying for Active or Guard? And I’m assuming Street to Seat? I’m in the GA Guard and could give you some contacts.
  12. Hey, congrats on getting selected! I’m a prior Marine as well going the Guard route. There are a lot of similarities in the Army and USMC, but many differences, obviously. The Uniform regulation is AR-670-1 and there are a multitude of memos that fall under it as well. But, it will give you a basic understanding of proper wear of uniforms. The OCP “operational camouflage pattern” uniform is what we would call “cammies” and it’s almost the same idea except sleeves down and there are patches for your unit. The “dress blues” are called ASU’s and that’s a whole different deal, just read the regulation or find someone that knows what their doing. The general orders are a little different. They say basically the same thing and instead of having eleven there are three. The core values are different as well. Your Marine lingo will stick with you for a while if not forever. The Army says,” At Ease” when a higher up walks in and I had no Idea what was going on when I first heard it. Anyone from E-5 to E-7 can be called “Sergeant” except Drill Sergeants. “Sergeant First Class” doesn’t roll of the tongue as well as “gunry sarnt” if we’re being formal, so you can just say Sergeant. You should know the PFT is different and the ACFT is soon to be the standard. It’s basically like doing a USMC CFT and a PFT all at the same time. Many people don’t like it, it’s kind of crossfit-ish if you want to think of it that way. I think it’s a good metric, but can’t really be done just anywhere because of the equipment needed. Look over or learn the Soldiers Creed, and the Army Song. The Army is huge on songs for some reason. Many bases even have their own song. I’m sure there is a ton I missed, but hopefully it helps.
  13. What state are you trying to apply for in Devil Dog? I’m in the GA Guard as a 15T now, got out of the USMC in 2015. Waiting for my flight physical, but the Army is kind of on hold right now and I’m in a MEDEVAC unit... The SIFT isn’t too bad but you need to study. Check out “Helicopter Lessons in 10 Minutes” on YouTube. Pretty helpful. Different states have different SOP’s. I couldn’t apply for Street To Seat being prior service so I enlisted as a 15T to get selected from inside. So far the guard is awesome, I’ve been in almost two years. A lot of prior Marines.
  14. It is a good looking uniform for sure! I can't help but wonder if it will be similar to "Chucks Fridays" when I was in the USMC. I was a diesel generator mech and we did plenty of "greasey monkey business" even on Fridays. We would wear the Service B/C depending on the season to formation, then change over to cammies and get to work. The only problem was that since it was the UOTD for Camp Lejeune we HAD to be in a service uniform to go to the Chowhall,PX, or pretty much anywhere anyone could see us. It was slightly an inconvenience and all in all not many wrenches got turned.
  15. I guess to actually answer your question, it probably doesn't matter at this stage who you speak to first. I definitely would let the unit know what you are trying to do so they at least have some idea who you are. You are going to have to work with both groups of people throughout the process, but seeing as the unit you are trying to get into are the people that are going to effect you the most as far as selection is concerned you need to be sure to contact them within a few days of speaking to the WOSM. At the end of the day they are just people and the more you talk to the more info you have and the better prepared you will be, just cross check the information.
  16. Luckily for me the unit I am trying to get into is across the street from the WOSM. I have base access (for a few more days at least) and just walked into the unit's office area near the hangar and spoke to some NCOs about why I was there and they took me straight to the CWO5 and I spoke with him for a minute and he told me to go speak to the WOSM and that they could get me the info I needed and how to get started. Everything can vary state by state though.
  17. Is that a Google only App? I can't find it in the Apple App Store.
  18. I did so many MCI's that had nothing to do with my MOS haha "Why did you do the recon MCI?"..."Because...."
  19. I was wondering if it was the 8000 lol ....didn't look like fun.
  20. I still have MarineNet access and I never did Cpl. Course online because I only had 6 months after deployment until my EAS so they weren't worried about it. Do you think it would make a difference if I did it now? I'm thinking probably not since I'm an E-4 anyway but could be worth a shot.
  21. Alright, cool. If I have to it's whatever but I'd much rather not have to.
  22. So would I have to go to BCT even though I'm still in the USMC IRR??
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