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  1. Thank y’all for the advice. I was told right now I shouldn’t need an age wavier right.
  2. I am 33 y/o Air Force Reserve/ DOD USAF civil service with 12 TIS. I am trying to get this process going and hopefully become a WO. My question is will my age or TIS kill my chances? Also how do I keep my DaOD job which is dual status with my reserve commitment till I get selected and that is if I do?
  3. I am currently an Air Reserve Tech in the reserves with 12 yrs service and 5 yrs of DOD civil service time. I have finally decided to go all in and try to become a WO. My questions are will my time in service cancel me out even though its all reserves? Will may age stop my selection cause I turn 34 in December? Also how cause I get everything completed and to the board without resigning from my DOD job since I am dual status?
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