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  1. All please table the conversation about "who does what, for who" due to potential classification issues.
  2. In the 82nd, 25th ID, 10th MTN and 101st (to name a few examples), the Division CSM will normally put out that any Soldier is allowed to attend pre-Ranger/Ranger School if they meet the pre-requisites. With that said, I highly doubt your CoC would be supportive of a WO attending RS due to the time commitment and the high probability of injury.
  3. Near and dear to my heart. Every Ranger student remembers exactly what he got on that flight from the flight crews. My bird got four pizzas and two logs of Copenhagen. Concur with Angry Joe that the story was told to us about the downed A/C back in the day. True or not, it lets the boys on the ground know that some gives a damn that they are sucking.
  4. Hopefully, that is not the case and they do accept moral waivers on an individual basis. Looking at the total Soldier concept, it seems that you have learned from any prior hiccups and moved on to become a great NCO. Commandants list at BLC/ALC and E-6 with 6x years TIS is very impressive and shows where your head has been at. Keep at it. If your packet is not accepted for this board, keep submitting and re-submitting. The criteria for moral waivers, ebbs and flows based on who is in charge. Prayers out. I really hope they get approved and you are accepted.
  5. Take a breath and don't worry about your clearance. Focus on becoming the best Soldier that you can at BCT. In the Army, you will have security managers for a reason. It is their job to liaise with OPM and sort out any potential issues. Once you get through BCT and arrive at your next duty station, engage the issue at that point. Give the system a little trust. Odds say that your clearance is being worked appropriately (albeit slowly).
  6. Well moral waivers are a bit unpredictable. They take longer than you might expect due to the subjective nature of them. You might think that they are "minor", but not everyone will necessarily hold that view. 1x moral waiver can be considered an outlier but 3x indicates a trend. I am not trying to get you down about them or say that your waivers will not get approved. I just want to make sure that someone didn't tell you that you were "good to hook", when more than likely your waivers are being heavily scrutinized. Great packet otherwise.
  7. PM sent. You convey your main points well but the structure could be streamlined some. Good first cut!
  8. I have been lurking on this forum for awhile (it was recommended to me by a Commissioned Officer to WOFT applicant). All the information has been much appreciated. My brief introduction is as follows: Who: CPT (Active Duty) What: Branch (Army) When: 2012-Present Where: FHTX (1CD PL/CO XO), 75th RGR RGT (PL/CO XO) , Current CCC Student with a follow-on SOF assignment. Experience in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Why: I am looking to transfer to the Warrant Officer Corps as a 153A following a long period of soul searching. I love the military but I have reached my limit of advance as an Officer and I am looking to follow my long time passion of aviation. I am hoping to apply for the JAN 2019 Board, pending support from my CoC. In the meantime, I am looking to hone my professionalism and aviation knowledge while simultaneously upholding my duties as an RLO. Thank you to those who have posted information on this topic. Any one on one advice would be much appreciated. RLTW!
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