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  1. That’s what I figured. I don’t know if my recruiter just didn’t understand the process or what, but he was trying to tell me the reserve units would take me with just the SIFT and MEPS phys. I’ll follow up with him and get some clarification.
  2. Hello all. I’ve been working with a recruiter now for a while who just so happens to be the Reserves guy at my recruiting office. He knows I want to fly. I’ve done most of the paperwork I can do on my own for WOFT. But he says after some battalion recruiter meeting that Reserves OCS is an easier process for all. Apparently I can sign my OCS contract after a battalion level board process/interview and have a guaranteed 15A contract (upon selection, of course). He says according to his people I can do the flight phys after I’ve gotten selected and ready to ship for basic. All I have to have ready is the SF-86, MEPS physical and pass the SIFT. I’m totally willing to do it if I’m guaranteed to fly. It might even be a better option for my family. It just sounds too good to be true. Any advice or insight into the Reserves side of aviation? Anything helps! P.S.: I’m aware of some of the differences between WOs and LTs, and I think I’d rather be an LT. Some other opportunities outside of the Army require CO experience instead of WO (looking at Texas for anti-drug operations pilot careers). Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all. I got LASIK about a year ago and just got the paperwork sent back to me from my surgeon. On the Army forms it has questions about 90-Day Post-Op refraction. My doctor(s) told me I looked good after my one month checkup and I didn’t need to come back anymore, so obviously those spaces didn’t get filled out with any real information. Will I have to go back and get another exam done for Rucker to sign off on my eyesight?
  4. Hey all, after a brief break from my packet Im jumping back into it full speed. Got two questions for now. Im right outside of Ft. Sill and there are no flight surgeons here. Do I have to wait for my recruiter to call up a flight surgeon to drive here for my physical or could I drive to get it done elsewhere as a walk-in? Also, Altus and Sheppard AFBs are both within an hour drive from me. Could I go to an AF flight surgeon and have them stamp the physical and send it to Rucker? Thanks!
  5. My biggest issue Im facing with my essay is the potential as a pilot specifically. I have plenty of leadership experience but no flight experience. I think the closest Ive gotten to flight experience is the time when I was 4 years old and got to sit in the cockpit on a Southwest flight. What could I say for my essay to prove Im aeronautically adaptable if I have no prior flight experience?
  6. Thanks, everyone. Im gonna get in contact with the pilot for an interview and LOR within the week along with the O-6s and my pastor, get my transcripts and contact info together, and try to study for the SIFT in what little spare time I have. One more thing - I looked at the checklist and it didnt mention anything about a written essay. If I recall correctly, there was a handwritten Why I Want to be an Army Aviator essay along with the typed one. Is that still a thing?
  7. Hey all, After talking with a CW4 about starting my packet (civilian WOFT) he told me to just hold out and work on my physical fitness until Im eligible for the MEPS physical (March 1, 6 months after LASIK) before talking to a recruiter. Totally okay with that because Im taking 21 credit hours this semester to finish undergrad. Ive made some connections for LORs. Just need some clarification on a few things. 1) Most of my connections for LORs are 3 retired West Point 0-6s from my church, and then one CW3 aviator. Would those be sufficient? 2) What forms should I be able to fill out in my own to at least have a leg up when I go to talk to the recruiter? I figure if I walk in with my packet partially put together, theyll be more willing to work with me. 3) Local ROTC battalion doesnt offer ASVAB or SIFT testing, even though they utilize Ft. Sill for everything else. But the testing center at the university offers ASVAB. Should I take that ahead of time? Ive done a few practice runs with study guides and am pretty confident about getting a good GT score. Thanks in advance!
  8. Alright, thanks. The significant leadership stuff from my time at the Bible college was extracurricular and had almost nothing to do with the school, so I think Ill just leave the transcript from there out of the packet.
  9. For clarity, Im applying for WOFT, trying to be a warrant officer. Better shot at aviation than OCS. Im graduating July 19 from my first college, the state school. My question is whether or not I should include the transcript from my time at the other school, or if I should just leave it out of my WOFT packet since I didnt graduate from there.
  10. Hello everyone. Long time lurker here. In regards to my WOFT packet, I understand that I have to have my college transcript in there for it to be complete. Im in the next to last full semester of undergrad right now, and Im set to walk in May and graduate in July after almost 7 years of working towards a bachelors degree. Long story short, I left my local university to go to Bible college, only to realize Im not cut out for ministry 2 years into it. Im finishing at my first school and thatll be where my degree comes from. All that being said, should I include my Bible college transcript, or will it matter at all since my degree is from a different school? Most of my extracurricular leadership experience comes from church internships where I set up and ran programs at a couple of churches. I figure its relevant for a battalion interview, but not for the paperwork part of the WOFT process.
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