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  1. I don't care about being uncomfortable ; reason i'm asking is i'm not trying to f**k up my eyes and lose my flight physical. it gets that bad lol.
  2. Random question but can you use OTC eyedrops at SERE? I got PRK and tend to have dry eyes if I'm up for 20+ hours.
  3. From my understanding (although there were exceptions), it was expected to do at least 6 years before you could revert to Warrant. How is this going to work with the new ADSO? Are they going to allow for someone to revert during the ADSO? Sorry if the phrasing of this question isn't exact i'm not super familiar with the process.
  4. TheDude and SBuzzkill answered my the intent of my question. Are there 2 Separate lists of available airframes divided by rank. The answer was yes. Not sure what you are getting at.
  5. Is it true that Airframe slots are now divided by Rank? Ex. Army needs 6 WO for ch47 and 6 Ah64 CO? I had a buddy go through and they said basically all the O's got Apaches...
  6. Why not just pursue a Helicopter License/Hours in your free time? Can you ask to be transferred to another role that is fresh and exciting at your work? Rationalize work = money, money = flying. At least mentally that may motivate you. Throwing away 3x an average American salary doesn't seem wise. You could even save up and purchase your own helicopter if this is something you really want to pursue... do you have any existing hours? The current civilian industry is extremely tough/competitive and you are definitely viewing it through rose colored glasses... There is a reason there is a shortage of high hour pilots.
  7. From a quick google search, 80% of Captains get promoted to Major. With an 11ish year ADSO, would this mean that every single AV captain would be promoted to a Major? 0.o
  8. The Army has a new Blended retirement system so the 20 or none legacy system is gone.
  9. Well, if nothing else, at least Nearly Retired got some content going on this forum.
  10. Only in 2020 and beyond. Minimum scores for combat arms are posted online, they're very low.
  11. Credit goes to Making_A_Night_Stalker on Instagram.
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