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  1. From a quick google search, 80% of Captains get promoted to Major. With an 11ish year ADSO, would this mean that every single AV captain would be promoted to a Major? 0.o
  2. The Army has a new Blended retirement system so the 20 or none legacy system is gone.
  3. You cannot go ROTC to WOFT. Once you graduate and commission assuming you get aviation, (one of the most competitive branches) you won't be able to go Warrant until your service obligation is up, at minimum 6 years. There are rare exceptions to this policy, but don't expect to be one of them. You also wouldn't go to WOFT, you just become a warrant. at that point you're an O-3 ish and its a significant pay cut for a little less work and a few more flight hours. If you want to be flying in any capacity out of ROTC right now you should ensure you're top 10% DMG. Current accessions model has SIFT score not factored into accessions as long as you pass. Maintaining a 4.0 gpa and 500+ ACFT should be your priority right now. If you're in a hard major, switch to something easy.
  4. Well, if nothing else, at least Nearly Retired got some content going on this forum.
  5. Only in 2020 and beyond. Minimum scores for combat arms are posted online, they're very low.
  6. Credit goes to Making_A_Night_Stalker on Instagram.
  7. I'm looking to potentially intern somewhere this summer, wanting to do something involving rotary-wing operations. Currently a college student, 4.0 GPA, ROTC, etc... I know it's a small world, if anyone has any contacts it would be much appreciated!
  8. This is not the forum you're looking for. Try the Military forum.
  9. If you look up Army ACFT, they now have a webpage that contains the timeline for implementation.
  10. Read an article that said a WW2 style bomber jacket will be optional as well, so there is something to look forward to.
  11. Lol. Unfortunately not, currently partaking in Finals Week for my University. Two more years until the UH-72 though... so that is something to look forward to.
  12. Took my first flight in an R22 this weekend! After we took off, the instructor was hands off the controls for virtually the entire flight until landing. I have probably 200+ hours in FSX, and a solid understanding of fundamental flight controls, but I was still impressed that I managed to not die. 0.5 LOGGED!
  13. Wondering how you like it. Currently planning to go guard out of ROTC and try building hours on my own.
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