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  1. Hello, this is my first post but I have been looking at the forum for a bit now. I hadn't found an exact answer to the questions I have so I figured I would ask them myself. I am ready to begin the schooling necessary to earn my Private and Commercial license for helicopters. I have done the discovery flight but that is all so far. I loved it Where I live, I have only 1 school option. They teach on Robinson22's and 44's and that is it. I know there is a lot of debate about learning on a Robinson vs. Schweizer and other helicopters. My first questions is, if I learn on a Robinson and find myself in a position to need to know another helicopter for a job, how hard is it to make the adjustments? Do I have to go back to school? Would it take a lot of effort to make the switch for a job? This school only offers an "independent study" type learning atmosphere. I won't attend a weekly class but rather study and complete assignments at home and then schedule flying time at the school. The CFI will quiz me on the chapters I worked on at home before flying but it is all very independent. Has anyone here completed schooling that way? If so, do you have some pros and cons for me? I am fairly book smart, I do have a bachelors degree but I always envisioned the schooling for this to be more hands on and in a classroom environment and this sort of worries me. I'd love to hear opinions on this! Thank you for your time, Sydney
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