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  1. Hey. I was having the same issue. I'm prior service and thought I was going to be able to have a bit more luck, but without a CAC I couldn't access anything. I ended up emailing CW4 White and filled out some paperwork for her so she could grant me access. Her email is in the welcome email with the PDFs you received. PM me if you need her email.
  2. I'll be there as well. Just got back from meps today. You guys Prior Service by chance?
  3. Just got back from meps. My official report date is 04 Feb 2019. I'm prior Navy, E5. Going to regular BCT at Ft. Jackson. I was told there is no planning/scheduling for PSBCT at this time. Honestly, I don't care that much. I'm just happy I got my rank back and that I'm getting this process going.
  4. Contract for me Thursday also. Man, I hope it's a quick ship.
  5. Selected. First, I want to thank Duckhawk for checking the list for me. I couldn't get a hold of my recruiter and Duckawk was actually the one who let me know. Appreciate it! This has been a long road for me. I'm prior service navy, and was originally trying to fly for them (Wife is still AD Navy), so that route just made sense. Long story short, I took the Navy's flight test and THEN was told that since I'm 32 I'm too old to get an age waiver. Same for Marines and Air Force. So here I am with the Army, which ended up actually being the the best option for me due to the mission. my prior s
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