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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the start date, do you know if report dates have changed at all due to this? Otherwise I suppose just longer hold over status/prep prior to start date? Ill inquire at drill this weekend but not sure if my unit is tracking this change.
  2. Hey there everyone, I'm in a 5 week class starting April 4th as well.
  3. I applied to multiple states, none of which I lived in. Was accepted by both (along with active duty) and made my decision based on that. I expressed how serious I was about moving to the state that hired me and also displayed knowledge of how everything works in the interview (since I was already in the reserves and understand how the Guard/Reserve thing works). All of that along with a competitive packet should help any Board look past your distance from the unit.
  4. I just graduated BCT as a prior service E-5 last week and can answer any questions you have about it.
  5. Good luck future candidates. Selected in July Acitve and Guard, chose Guard (AH-64D). GT: 133 SIFT: 79 (happy to help if youre worried about the SIFT) AFPT: 276 Civ Ed: Associates in Acionics Tech, 3.5 yrs toward Aeronautics BS Mil: 4 years USAF Acft Mechanic (E5) Flight: PPL, 62.5 Hrs LORec: AF Group CC (Col), AF Squad CC (Lt Col), OIC (Capt), AF 60 pilot (Lt Col), AF 60 pilot (Maj)
  6. Definitely digging this RV idea. Id like to own one anyway so paying it off as housing through flight school sounds like a bonus. Any of you know anyone or have any of you done this successfully?
  7. Badass! Maybe the same flight school, too, I'd think? BLC is the Army's E5 school, which will give me the 5 weeks WOCS as opposed to the 7 week. I might be able to get it waived since I went to the Air Force E5 school. Are you prior or civ?
  8. My dates are in Basic: 9 Oct Fort Jackson (Prior service USAF) BLC: 7 Mar WOCS: 4 Apr Flight School/WOBC: 13 Jun Looks like I'll be seeing some of you!
  9. Select, but going Guard instead. Congrats to all and good luck Active duty side, hope to see you in flight school!
  10. The last select/nonselect memo for he last board came out on the third day (Weds) but this board has 40 while the last only had 21.
  11. I'm anxious as well but looks like decent odds this round! I got a little intel today if any of you are interested, - Last couple of boards have been 100% select rate - Last board had 21 applicants, this board shows 40 - Last select/non-select memo came out 3 days after board has started - Last board stats: Average GT: 121Average GPA (College)= 3Average SIFT: 56Average APFT: 261# with HS diploma: 11# with associates: 1# with bachelor's: 7# with grad degree: 2
  12. Good luck everyone. My packet took forever but my Board is finally here! Age: 23 GT: 133 SIFT: 79 APFT: 276 LOR: (All Air Force) O-6, O-5, Aviator O-5 (HH-60), Aviator O-4 (HH-60), O-3. Flight Time: Private Pilot's License, 62.5 Hrs Education: Associates Degree, Airman Leadership School, 3.5 years of Bachelor's done. Physical: Approved, LASIK waiver approved. Military: SSgt/E5 USAF Reserves, aircraft mechanic. I haven't seen my interview score but it went well, did you find out through your recruiter? Time to wait, this is the worst part!
  13. Hello! Thanks for the information. Is this just pertaining to those who are already officers? I'm interested in flying for the Army Reserve as you can select you aircraft/location, but I'm not sure if this is applicable to those not already in the Army. I'm currently in the USAF Reserve but have a Conditional Release.
  14. If it's your ultimate goal to be an Army Aviator, the worst thing you can do is disqualify yourself. People will be able to give you anecdotal evidence, and their educated opinions, but unless they are flight doctors, they can't disqualify you. High blood pressure sounds like a potential issue, but standards change and waivers exist for a reason. IMO, just get your physical as early as possible so you give yourself time if you need a waiver and you don't waste your time if you're completely DQ'd. Best of luck!
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