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  1. Im just curious what is the most ammount of medical waivers you've seen on a pilot?
  2. Ha, welcome to the club, I'm 32 and Board Tuesday after a whopping 10 days of time to get a pack together.
  3. You guys are right about submitting a complete pack. There is a lot of confusion at our recruiting station about WOFT.. Thanks for the clarification! Just got sift done today. Stats so far: GT: 141 SIFT: 58 ( computer crashed half way through)
  4. Yes exactly- there's a process for a reason, I totally understand that. Im just submitting what was asked of me from the E-8, sift and meps phys this week, and on the flip side everything else for the pack.. i was told last board was july for civilian.. i will be aged out as of february.
  5. Nervous because I was told I could submit materials for the July board, but here's the kicker, it's only a partial packet. Anyone ever go (succeed) this route? Im obviously gathering/ completing the rest of the pack materials in the interim. SIFT next week.
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