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  1. It appears we are technically both right about 1-1. They started the transition in early April and are flying split fleet Delta's and Echo's until this fall.
  2. One of the 64 Units at Fort Carson has 64D and the other has 64E. There are 2 Warrants in my 64D course headed to Carson in a couple months. I believe 6-17 ARS has 64D and 4-4 ARB has 64E. I could have those reversed, my assumption is based on looking at pictures on the unit facebook page and trying to spot the FM1 antenna on the catwalk unique to the 64E. As for Fort Riley, 1-6 ARS has 64E and 1-1 ARB has 64D.
  3. TH-67 Selection Today: CO: UH-60M: 15 CH-47F: 2 WO: UH-60M: 4 CH-47F: 8 This makes the 2nd straight 67 selection with 0 Apache's on the board. The last TH-67 selection to offer Apache's was Class 17-024 who selected in mid-March. Supposedly, at some point in early May, USAACE decided that TH-67 to AH-64 pilots graduating with only 2.4hrs of NVG time was not sufficient. Rather than lengthening night phase in the 64 course, the band-aid solution was to only offer UH-72 pilots (who already had NVG hours) the chance to select Apache's. I personally thought this was the Fort Rucker rumor mi
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