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  1. So whats the deal with the acft? Are we still doing the apft at the beginning or are we doing the acft?
  2. I know classes 19-09 through 19-22 are doing the acft for the final pt test to my understanding. You still take the Initial entry apft but the last one you take will be the acft. Please correct me if Im wrong.
  3. Ahhhhh that might be why, if you had one already and it had just expired, the continuance would be granted. Needless to say I worked on secret for three years before my investigation was completed. I dont see why you wouldnt be allowed to attend if the paperwork is already submitted and investigation has been started.
  4. I would talk to your security manager, my clearance was expired, received my sf86 paperwork and my Psip work sheet on a Friday, by Wednesday I had a continuation which is allowed and counts as your security clearance. Did you have one before or is this your first one?
  5. Are you in a continuance? What steps have you taken so far?
  6. I almost was booted from this class date because of a security clearance issue, apparently you go off the investigation start date not the eligibility date which no one at my unit knew. Got everything done and submitted in like four hours haha. There is 10 of us aviation this class, Im the only reservist with a set airframe currently, everyone else is is 153a. So hopefully I can get in touch with the reserve liaison and get a WOBC date with some of yall.
  7. Well if you are make sure to post back here. Are you on milsuite at all? I was on the shortfall lost for class 19,20,21 and literally at the beginning of July I was told I was in 19-19
  8. I’ll be there y’all, got a drop seat. Oder is the name, so I’ll be a little hard to miss.
  9. Pretty sure in the welcome letter it states you have to have an unexpired flight physical through WOCS. I dont have access to the welcome email, but Ill double check Monday and make sure.
  10. An off the shelf civilian helicopter that is built in the GOOD OLE US OF A! And Im pretty sure we do get parts for acft from other countries like China, I seem to remember there being a big problem with avionics components from China finding their way in to c-130s and causing problems.
  11. On the wait list for classes 19,20,21. Heres to hoping I get one of them! I dont wanna wait till next FY!
  12. To be honest, what section you bombed really doesnt matter. You passed, that is literally all that matters. Ive seen a couple dudes get picked up with 40s before. Yes you are right on the verge of being in the average percentile, but nows the time to excell in every other portion of your packet. What section do you feel you messed up on the most? Like I said earlier it really doesnt matter, but for me it was the hidden figures, that was the only thing I felt I dragged on and didnt feel 100% with. All in all, continue doing your packet, get it finished and submitted, and youll have already outshined 80% of the people who say they wanna fly and never submit. Good luck to everyone and may you get FQ/S first look!
  13. Thats what I thought. And the two essays will be on blackboard which I should get an email about when the time comes closer for me to head out Im sure? The welcome letter I got wasnt very informative, took me a bit to figure out the milsuite portion, and even then my class isnt up there since its not until next fy.
  14. Are we still expected to do the DL? I thought they were going away from that? Ive got a report date for Wocs of 21 oct 2019 for class 001
  15. Pretty sure fy20 starts all of the 5 week course. But yes, I am slotted for the 5 week course.
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