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  1. I am guard switching to active and dont have to go to basic before and the soonest class date available to me when I got mine on 8/1 was the end of February. Just a heads up to you AD people waiting to find out. My class date was 6 months out
  2. Are you going to basic also? Or you just have to go straight to WOCS ? Im Guard and have already done basic. Trying to see if anyone has the same situation and knows their WOCS date yet.
  3. If you have any specific questions about the process working with a recruiter you can PM me. I went through multiple recruiters over the course of 14 months and finally got selected. I can give you all kinds of advice and let you know if something they are telling you sounds a little off
  4. Hang in there. Its like this for everyone. If I learned anything through this it was that you dont get what you ask for you get what you take. Keep pressuring them for an answer. They dont own you yet.
  5. I was also told 100% for the civilian board
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