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  1. I appreciate the write up. Sounds like my current unit. And Im the platoon sergeant as well with 53 millennials to babysit. So Ive been looking forward to the aviation transition. What would you say the best post to go to is then?
  2. By overworked do you mean lots of flying hours... or lots of being in the military. Aka additional duties/billets/death by PowerPoint briefs
  3. when I was waiting forever for my waivers to process I called up usarec and they told me that they don't even look at them till the week prior to the board. so you should be fine.
  4. I had two waivers as well. One moral and one for time left on contact. Submitted my package on the initial deadline in July (September board). My waivers processed the Friday before the board began. I would call every few days all stressed out feeling that I was going to miss the board. But turns out they dont process waivers until the week before the board. So call your recruiter end of the day on Friday and you will know if you will be boarded or not.
  5. you don't need to be in the army to access it. not even cac enabled really. just register and you will be given a username and pw log in. I'm in the marines and I'm on blackboard.
  6. Was selected on September board. Submitted package end of July. Contacted end of August/early September that I needed a TIS waiver. Took me an hour to type up a letter. Also had a moral waiver. The waivers came back approved the Friday before the board. The proponent said they dont process waivers till the week prior of the board. So enjoy being on pins and needles brother lol.
  7. Its the date of the board I had submitted my my package at my 12 month mark and during the review process I was contacted by the proponent saying I need a TIS waiver (11 months left on contract at this point). They made a big deal about needing the waiver but at the same time the waiver itself was not a big deal. It was quickly approved. Of note I was a sister service applicant. So maybe they were more lienlent as getting a conditional release doesnt typically happen until you have less than a year left on contract. If you have the time though get your package submitted and board ready before your 12 month mark
  8. Well let me start off by saying anything is possible so never give up hope. However age and TIS are tough. TIS is the hardest because you offer little to no time left before pension. Compared to someone under 10 years who has at least a decade to offer the army. There have been many seemingly qualified guys on the forums not get their TIS waiver accepted. But again. There is an exception to everything. For example the CW5 who did my package said for SIFT scores they are looking for guys close to 60 or above to be competitive. Yet there have been quite a few forum members get accepted in the 40s. So the only thing you can do is put in the package and see what happens. Best of luck
  9. Havent checked myself but got a message from a friend saying Im in an earlier class. Which is fine with me
  10. Marines coming in as a staff sergeant. But I think most sister service guys are starting in June-July.
  11. How did you get so lucky to go that early. I dont go till July 29th. Selected September too. Although hrc did give me a hook up of reporting in May so I could transfer services early
  12. just keep smashing the hearing test button to pass. youll go all the way back up to perfect hearing.
  13. I appreciate all the feed back. Dont get me wrong Im all about that attack life. I grew up in the cas world at ANGLICO as a JFO and RTO on a jtac team. I was always curious as to why attack was unfavorable on these forums. So the input was great.
  14. Only if you are sister service. And even the. You have to make sure to get your orders to state its a pcs move with dependents. I had to request though HRC a super eeely report date so I could make sure the wife would be squared away before the boot camp-isms of WOCS started
  15. Well that viewpoint makes sense. Im a big fan of CAS so Im all about attack. I was always just curious as to why its so unpopular with the selections. I thought maybe there was a community thing or lifestyle issue.
  16. What do you mean. Asides from the obvious CAS aspect of Apaches what would be different about the mission that turns people off?
  17. Sere.... best way to lose weight. Lost 18lbs when I went through. Reeeaaaally hoping I dont have to go again ha. Waiting to hear back the official word if I get a pass or not
  18. My recruiter said I dont have a date yet. That no one has dates yet. Earliest 10 more days. Im sitting here like come on bro. The dates are out
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