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  1. They let Air Force SERE level C graduates bypass. You should just be able to submit a signed level C cert to your Platoon Leader/Section Leader and get it waived.
  2. They'll fly the 64's logical replacement of course: The 72A.
  3. There's a warrant officer definition that acts like a creed. No I don't remember any of it. No more singing at the schoolhouse. Unless you volunteer for the national anthem. Don't suck on the national anthem.
  4. 5 and 9s are going to vary drastically between your initial airframe, so you'd have to be more specific. They're also very easy to memorize throughout the phases and no longer viable once you go to advanced. It would probably be more beneficial to study up on aerodynamics and army aeromedical.
  5. Warrant Officers can always find a way. Fail 2 PT Tests, Medical Discharge, DUI, PCS and then take 6 months of leave to start your own business... there's always a way.
  6. I enjoy my lip light, which is an ML-22 from Seitz. That said I would have gotten a cheaper one with just all green light if I did it again. The white light is borderline useless and not bright enough to sub for a white light during refuel. Especially during nights when they ask you to read random stuff, it's very convenient. and can also help with seeing additional info on ICS panels and whatnot. Finger lights probably work fine too, I just like accidentally annoying IPs by leaving my light on.
  7. I really enjoyed seeing that all the advanced frame communities showed their true colors: Chinooks - Brought Hammocks and coolers. Blackhawks - Brought pizza. Apaches - Brought Kettlebells. I'm not sure which community owned up to the couch. (Edit: all of this only allegedly occurred for legal reasons)
  8. "ThERe iSN'T enOuGH ParKING!" ~Cadre, probably. And then Corona hits: "Plenty of parking, don't carpool at all." ~Also cadre, probably.
  9. As we did not do a proper selection, I do not know how it is regularly done. In general afaik, every class has a certain amount of slots, based on what the Army needs/whatever slots the advanced airframes have available. The OML is split so LTs only compete with LTs and WOs with WOs, but if there are only two LTs, one gets what they want (generally) and the other is needs of the Army. Same for Warrants. The other reality is that criteria can most likely change for any reason as needed for the Army's purposes, so no selection is quite like another. Some classes will also get weird things like the class where everyone including the number one person were slotted for AH-64Es (this was not their airframe of choice). Go in having an open mind about all aircraft, do your best, don't believe the propaganda, and you won't be disappointed if you don't get your "first" pick. Or you can change it in the system later and just say it was your first pick. No one will know but you.
  10. 26 March 2020 Selection: 4 - C12s (4 WO) 3 - 47 (1 LT/2 WO) 18 - 60M 10 - 64Es (All WO for the 60/64, except 1 LT, not sure what they selected) Edit: Order of top 6 I think was C12, C12, C12, 47, C12, 47. Then all 60s/64s. LT that got a 47 was somewhere in the 20s, but they were the #1 LT.
  11. We are on a two week pause starting the 6th for flight school. Our AO also got reduced from 100 to 50 miles.
  12. MACP does not cover PCS' that are solely for school. If there was a slot open, they would potentially try to work with you, but unlikely. I fought this for a while, but my wife and I PCS'd to two separate places. The only consolation prize is you do qualify for FSA if you were stationed together immediately prior to WOCS. I haven't lived with my wife for over 2/3 of our marriage. Army is really trying their best to convince her to divorce me. Family first. I hope you have better luck than I have had!
  13. Yeah, I was too fat for the normal one, so they gave me the PCSable fleece. Also in the wrong color. I hope I can turn that garbage in so I don't have to carry it for another 12 years like the rest of the UCP locked in my garage.
  14. No one said anything about needing it, but reminders would be awesome in the unlikely event of a brain fart. I set two alarm clocks every morning. Do I need the second one? Absolutely not. But what if the first one fails?
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